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Photography Series: Jordana Hazel

Last but most certainly not least in the series - Jordana of Hazelnut Photography! Jordana and I started exchanging emails while we were both planning our weddings, before she was the amazing wedding photographer that she is today. We bonded over a love for damask (which you will see in a few of her pictures below) and its been so fun to watch her turn into such an incredible photographer! Jordana and Chris had such a glamorous wedding, captured by Rob Holley. And even though she worked hard on all the lovely details you see in this post, her advice for all of you so very true:

I’m so excited to be part of this series! I literally did a happy dance in my office when I got the email from Darci. I’ve always found it so interesting to read personal posts and see the everyday images from my favorite photographers. A little glimpse into their lives. I’m so excited to see the other photographers and giggly excited to be one of them!

I think my advice might be a bit counterintuitive to what you’ve always heard. Because I’d always heard it and it totally freaked me out. “Don’t let it pass by too quickly.” You’ve heard that, right? From brides or aunts or friends. “Take it all in.” I wanted to do that. “Savor every single moment.” I wanted to let the day roll by slowly, taking it all in, making every moment count. That’s what I wanted.

But here’s what happened, I got so freaked out that it was going to go by so quickly and that I wouldn’t be able to take it all in that I gave myself a bit of a panic attack. I tried so hard to slow it all down that I don’t think I felt the day as much as I wanted to. As much as I could have.

So, my advice, let the day happen. Relax. Have a cocktail. Let all the details go. Stop worrying. Trust the vendors that you’ve hired to take care of you. Know that there will be parts of the day that you’ll miss, but you’ll be smack dab in the center of the most important moments. Let the most amazing day of your life unfold as it should.

And when it’s all over, you’ll have amazing images, video and memories to help relive the day for the rest of your lives! Our photographer,
Rob Holley, and videographer, Joe Rosenberger with Today’s The Day Weddings, captured the day beautifully. We gave them plenty of time to try new things, to be creative and to truly capture us. They were there for things we missed and documented the things we experienced. We couldn’t have been happier!

So very well said, Jordana! Thank you so much for sharing your advice and your wedding with us.


Mrs. Jetplane said...

Loves it! I started reading her blog shortly after she got married. She's is extremely talented and her wedding was beautiful.

Thanks for this series Darci, its been wonderful.

Becky @ Weddingistas said...

Ahh!!! I LOVE the red sox cufflinks! So cute.

What a pretty wedding ::)


Susan Terese said...

one of the most beautiful weddings!!! love the "darkness" of it all...adds a lot of romance :)

HazelnutPhotography said...

ohhh Darci it looks amazing! Thanks so much for thinking of me for such a fantastic series.

5 Star Wedding Directory said...

Lovely blog post, lovely wedding with such wonderful details.