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DIY Series: Ring Bearer Pillow

I am definitely no expert on ring bearer pillows, but I thought a simple design (with some buttons incorporated, naturally) could be a cute addition to this color palette. Here is what you'll need to get started:

Ring Bearer Pillow

  • Fabric
  • Matching Thread
  • Sewing Machine or Needle
  • Ribbon
  • Four (or more) buttons
  • Stuffing or Pillow Form
I opted for some stuffing because it is generally less expensive and I like being able to adjust the level of thickness. But pillow forms can definitely make things more uniform, I am sure there are pro's and con's to either choice. For a (roughly) 9" pillow, cut two pieces of fabric into 10" squares:
Flip the pieces of fabric so that the wrong sides are each facing out and the right sides are facing inward, towards each other. That sounded really complicated for some reason, but I assure you that it isn't! I also realized that it will make your life much easier if you sew the little buttons on now, before you assemble the pillow. Just allot for the fact that the pillow won't be flat when you're finished, so place the buttons at least 3/4 - 1" away from the corner. I put three in one corner and one button in another (there aren't pictures because I am a fool and blindly sewed them on once the pillow was finished - learn from my mistakes). Just make sure that the button side is facing inward for the next step.
Then, just start sewing. You can also definitely do this by hand but I am lazy and happen to have a sewing machine, so I went with that option.
Make sure to leave at least a 1" gap in the stitches, so that you can fill the pillow up with stuffing and also so you can flip it right side out. Just start grabbing fabric and pulling it through the hole, then stuff away!
Close the hole with a few hand stitches, and you're almost finished. For the ribbon, I just sewed the center of the ribbon to the pillow and then tied it into a bow. You can also put a button in the center (a covered one would be cute - stay tuned for a tutorial) and create a tuft.
You can easily adapt this for any color scheme - I made a similar pillow for our wedding out of green damask fabric. On Friday I will open up a contest for a chance to win this pillow, as well as the extra fabric and part of tomorrow's project. Stay tuned!


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I love this! I am finding the DIY posts to be very helpful, thank you!

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