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India Rose

The founder of India Rose was part of the first design team at Pottery Barn, then went on to design products for Anthropologie, Crate & Barrel, and more. Now she has her own store full of beautiful home furnishings and textiles (I swear this isn't a paid endorsement or something, I just think this store is the coolest).
The majority of their products are really reasonably priced and since I know most of you are in the market for bridesmaids gifts, they have some great ideas. A lot of people (myself included) go with monogrammed tote bags filled with goodies, but what about something like the tote above? It's only $42...fill it with a cute wrap and some of your favorite cosmetics (lip gloss, etc) and you're good to go. And it goes without saying that I adore that black & white clutch.
I feel like stationery is something you normally don't splurge on for yourself, which makes for a great gift. You can get the whole set pictured above (and gift wrapped) for only $39. Lovely!


Anonymous said...

Great find!! I'm loving all the Freedonia linens, too.

Wedding Favors said...

Nice hand bag.