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I only actually understand a few words here and there, but I absolutely love looking at the pictures and the beautiful inspiration on casando ideias. Bertie does such a great job of grouping images together and creating cohesion where there was none. I especially love this post about different textures - beautiful! You can see all the sources for the lovely board above here.


Bertie Mansfield said...

Oh, Darci! Thank you so much for such a lovely post about the blog! I am very glad to know you like it! My fiancé keeps saying I should write the posts in English as well, but I might need to build up confidence to do so! :-D

Thank you once more!


Confessions of a Northern Belle said...

I don't want to wear a pink dress at my wedding...but I do love Amsale and I want that Amsale dress in white!! If only it wasn't $5,940. =0( Amsale is so amazing and beautiful and creative, and I can't afford one of their dresses.