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Holiday or Wedding?

This palette of green and gray is quickly becoming my new favorite color scheme. The ever fabulous Eddie Ross created this tablescape out of vintage china and serving ware from a consignment shop in Greenwich. It's meant to be a holiday tablescape but I think this could easily be translated into a wedding.

Winter Weddings

After I posted the navy and yellow board last week, I got a few requests for other inspiration boards. I am no expert by any means but am always happy to oblige! One of the first suggestions was for a winter wedding. When I think of winter weddings the ideas that come to mind focus around warmth and comfort...therefore, my take on a winter wedding is above. Smores might be the ultimate comfort food and would make for such great favors - maybe even a smore making kit. Yum. If you're looking for more winter inspiration, definitely turn to the expert:
The lovely Kathryn of Snippet and Ink never ceases to amaze me with how many ways she can recreate a theme. She has a slew of winter wedding ideas here, and while I have to say that the one above is my favorite this blue one is so impressive:
Hope that helps! I saved all your other requests so even though it might take me a bit I promise to get to them. Sources for my board are as follows: {Cake and dress/bouquet from brides; Candles from Polka Dot Bride, Smores from chocolate monster me's flickr stream; Seating cards from the knot; and I can't remember where the car is from - sorry!}


I only actually understand a few words here and there, but I absolutely love looking at the pictures and the beautiful inspiration on casando ideias. Bertie does such a great job of grouping images together and creating cohesion where there was none. I especially love this post about different textures - beautiful! You can see all the sources for the lovely board above here.

Hazelnut Photography

This isn't the first time I've written about Jordana, but the need has arisen again. You know how every once in awhile, you get the feeling that someone is on the verge of something great? Something you see and it makes you want to whisper to the person next to you, "Oh. This is gonna be good." Well, consider this my whisper to you...
Jordana is officially making a go of it as a photographer, an employee no more. Just go ahead and read that post and tell me you aren't excited for her. She's turned her passion into something that pays the mortgage - whoo!
People talk all the time about how they were lucky enough to book a great photographer, before they made it really big, and are therefore able to get amazing pictures at reasonable prices. Don't say I didn't warn you - this is your chance!
I am so hoping that we'll have a first dance picture like the one above when we get all our pics back. Not only do I love black and white photography, the emotion in that picture is palpable. So lovely.
Good luck, Jordana! We can't wait to watch all that you'll create.

Tea Towel Aprons

I've mentioned this idea before, but my friend Jenny followed through and made one for me and I just realized that I've never shown it off! I am not sure where she found this exact towel, but they have some really cute ones that are quite similar at Anthropologie. To make them yourself, essentially all you have to do is fold down a portion of the top, sew on two buttons, and tie some ribbon around them so that the apron can be tied around your waist.
Here is a shot of the back folded over, so you can see how much was folded back before the buttons were sewn on. It's such a simple gift, but being the recipient of one I can assure you that it's a great one!

Damask Gifts

Most of the blogs I love are full of inspiring gift guides these days, and since there is almost nothing I can add to their great ideas I thought I would compile some of my favorite damask gifts for all of you out there who share the love for black and white. All of these gifts are under $25 (most way under) with the exception of the last one. The ring above is from etsy seller

dillondesigns and it's a whopping $8. How cute would a group of bridemaids all wearing those rings look? This journal would also make a great gift - 60 pages for only $22:

Another great idea for the friend who loves her coffee (or tea) that also cuts down on wasted paper products - a fabric coffee sleeve. Also a great stocking stuffer at only $4:
One of my gifts to my bridesmaids was a small cosmetic case, which seems like a gift that anyone can love. This cute little bag is only $5:
And finally, I love this clutch. It's not as inexpensive as the other gifts but is still only $32.
For everyone who left comments and suggested some other inspiration boards after Friday's post, they are in the works. I love the suggestions!

Navy and Yellow Wedding

I was thinking today, as I was tempted to post a winter wedding, most of you are likely planning weddings in spring, summer, or fall. So despite the snow on the ground, I put together a really small board for a wedding devoid of snowflakes and holly. As I've mentioned before, I was really torn between the color scheme we ultimately decided on and a "non-cheesy" nautical theme. Given my love of green, when I think nautical I usually think navy, white, and green. I also really love just navy and white together, but throwing in some yellow can add a lot to the palette. {Invitation from Lily Darby, cake from k.rosecakes, flowers from Real Simple, everything else from InStyle Weddings}


LinkAlso from the Renegade Craft Show (I'll stop soon, I promise...maybe) are these adorable linocut block printed wares from artgoodies. The tea towel would be a great gift for the bride-to-be in your life, the perfect "bonus gift" on top of a package. Oh how I love the bonus gift!
These aprons are equally as cute, perfect for the new nester. I really like the bow on the back...I am certain it would make me feel just like June Cleaver in the kitchen. Sure to prevent one from making silly cooking mistakes and slicing their fingers open with small appliances. (In case you haven't heard the story, it's here).

Pearl & Marmalade

Continuing with my Renegade re-cap, meet Pearl & Marmalade. They have such whimsically cute stationery and offer all types of letterpress products.
I love the color scheme on this one, I would love to see the wedding associated with it! I would never really think to put green and blue together, but when you have the right shades they compliment each other nicely.
Pearl & Marmalade also had an etsy shop where you can find several holiday and greeting cards. I love the bee motif:
They also take custom invitation orders so be sure to check them out! And don't forget that you only have until tonight to win one of the four tickets to the Wedding Workshop on Saturday. Just comment on this post to enter.

Sycamore Street Press

I checked out the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend and not surprisingly, discovered some fantastic new stationery companies. I'll recap some of my favorites this week, starting with Sycamore Street Press. I actually purchased this letterpress frame mat, thinking the green would be perfect with a black and white wedding picture in it! You just put the picture in the center of the design and cut the mat to fit whatever frame you're using.
In addition to their beautiful cards, Sycamore Street also offers placecards and gift tags. There are several different styles, all of which would look adorable with some calligraphy. At just about $1 a card, they're also affordable.
You can also find their work on etsy and their flickr stream. Enjoy!

{All photos courtesy of Sycamore Street Press, except for the second mat pic from yours truly}

Pretty Presents

Bernard Maisner is famous for his beautiful calligraphy and now (well, it's news to me at least) he put his beautiful script on other products as well. The wrapping paper above is so sweet I am not sure I would be able to use it! It's $18 for a 5 ft roll, so you would have to do something special with it for sure. I am thinking you could cut out a square of the print and possibly put it in a small frame to go above your mantel every year? Perhaps cheesy, but it's just so pretty! As are these umbrellas, which are definitely a little more pricey but equally as lovely:

Sugar, Sugar

I am sure you've heard of sugar lip balm (it's made with real sugar) but have you ever tried this soap?
If you like the smell of sugar I assure you that this is a little bit of heaven. At only $14 it would be a great part of a bridesmaids gift, or a perfect present for the holidays. Maybe even a sugar themed gift? You could find a cute container and fill it with some homemade sugar cookies, sugar soap, etc.

Thoughtful Things

I don't usually advocate going "off registry" for wedding gifts, but this would be an exception (or possibly a good shower gift). I actually gave this to one of my very dear friends because we agreed not to give each other expensive presents, seeing as how we were each traveling across the country to be in one another's weddings. It's a five year diary, with only a few lines each day available for writing.
I included a card with the gift suggesting that they write down a reason they are grateful for each other everyday. After five years, that would be a lot of love in one little book! Have you ever gone off registry for a wedding gift?

Inexpensive Centerpieces

Seeing as these "vases" are made out of vintage books, they can't hold any water but they would make adorable centerpieces when clustered together. You could use them at a shower or even at a reception if you or your fiance are writers or avid readers.
It would be easy to find vintage books on ebay or at a flea market, if you have enough time you could even try to track down some of your favorites or try to use some with a theme - love, weddings, etc. You can find the full tutorial here.