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Black, White and Pink

I know how much you all love damask, so I thought you would enjoy this interpretation with bright pink. All of these photos are from Patricia Lyons, a Virginia photographer who is oozing with talent. Her website is under construction buy you can check out more of her work on her blog. Don't you love the back of Amy's dress pictured above?
The chair covers with the monograms are perfection. Oh how I wish we would have made some of those for our chairs! You can see a few more shots of the couple here.
On a totally unrelated note, I am completely adore the car and monogrammed drink flags from this wedding:
Not only are there monogrammed flags, but they are in mason jars! Swoon.

DIY Trunk Show

We stopped by to check out the DIY Trunk Show in Pulaski Park on Saturday, and oh was it worth it! I am always amazed by how many talented people are out there and left wondering why I ever bother to shop at chain stores when there are so many amazing small businesses. Like a huge dork I introduced myself to Emily of Orange Beautiful, who was there with all of her beautiful stationery and these calendars which I can assure you are even prettier in person. I was completely taken with 16 Sparrows, whose work is both funny and easy on the eyes:
They offer custom design services as well, so if you're in need of invitations check them out. And then I came across Circa Ceramics and was overwhelmed with the need to touch almost everything on their shelves (I restrained myself, I am known for breaking things). But I couldn't resist this bowl:
It's just the perfect size for salsa, which was confirmed later that evening. It is dishwasher safe, and even the inside is striped (which is what really got me):
Next weekend is the One of a Kind Show, which I am thinking about hitting up too. I wonder if I could get all my Christmas shopping finished there...

Paper Flowers

Seriously, how cute are these? The ever amazing Liz from Linda and Harriett makes these flower pins out of misprinted letterpress projects.
They are each sewn together by hand and have a vintage button in the center. Wouldn't it be great to use something like that as a placecard for a small party or shower?

Real Wedding - Susan and Joe

Susan and Joe were married in Lake Arrowhead, California and had the amazing Sarah K. Chen as their photographer. They choose the location because it holds a lot of sentimental value for Susan, she was born and raised in the area and it also perfectly captured the "whimsical and rustic" theme they were striving for. Susan was kind enough to put together some collages of all the details and offer up some explanations of the different projects they put together: After finding those gorgeous indigo dresses on sale at jcrew, Susan made the decision on her wedding colors. She liked the dresses because she thought the blue would go with the color of the lake, and finding them on sale was the push she needed! The champagne color was added in to incorporate the color of the sash on her dress, and a color scheme was born. And about all those beautiful details, here are some descriptions from Susan, "My brother made the stump the cake sat on, as well as the stumps for the escort cards. My mom and I bought fabric to overlay the tables with for $1 a yard at the garment district in Los Angeles! We bought twig vine on sale at potterybarn and gave it to our florist to use on the arch. The pashmina’s were bought for $2 each on Canal Street in NYC and tied with leftover ribbon used for a few other random wedding things. The frames were bought from Ikea and spray painted brown." "My stepmom made the nests the surrounded the hurricanes, the ring bearer nests, the flowergirl basket, the “Oh Happy Day” lettering for the cake table, and the ‘Mr’ & ‘Mrs’ chair signs. She used moss found at a craft store and her trusty hot glue gun to get her through the projects. She got the flowers for the centerpieces and cake the day before the wedding at the flower mart in Los Angeles. I designed the table name signs and framed table name photos using photoshop and vintage photographs of lakes found online. The invitations were designed by ignafruit on etsy, I then added the grossgrain bow, and vellum polka dot overlay. " And if you haven't already noticed, they also had a getaway boat at the end of the night! Such a beautiful wedding, thank you so much for sharing it Susan. You can see more pictures of Susan and Joe's on Sarah K. Chen's blog.

Minna Designs

Minna Designs produces gorgeous invitations for every occasion and all of their work is custom designed. The owner and designer, Minna Keum, is a recent bride herself who has a background in both fine arts and graphic design. She decided to follow her passion for weddings and all things paper, and Minna Designs was born!Her work is truly so beautiful and detail oriented - look at the monogram on this invitation (and I obviously love that shade of green):

The best news is, Minna Designs is offering 20% off the design fee to With This Ring readers for all orders placed between now and December 31, 2008. Simply mention the blog when you email Minna to get the discount!

Make Your Own Bouquet

Given the state of the economy, I know that saving money is on almost everyone's mind. When you're planning a wedding there are lots of ways to cut costs - minimize the guest list, negotiate prices, and try to take on a few projects yourself. I didn't have the nerve to try and make my own bouquet but this examples from Real Simple make it look possible. Carnations usually get a bad rap, but these small bundles:Were turned into this:
Baby's breath is always a cost effective option - bundle it together with a little satin ribbon and it looks beautiful. This would even be a good option for bridesmaid's bouquets.This bouquet is made entirely of mums and daisies.When they're all put together they just look so cheery to me! So how about it - have any of you attempted (or plan to attempt) to make your own bouquet?

Printable 2009 Calendar

Go here to sign up for the Mibo Lighting & Housewares newsletter, and they will send you a free pdf of this adorable 2009 calendar. They also have some great things available for sale in their store - I am not sure if they ship to the US but I am about to find out! Enjoy and have a great weekend.

Gifts for the Groomsen

When it came to gifts for the boys, we really struggled to come up with something beyond the standard options. We did give them ties and socks, but also wanted to come up with something that served as a big "thank you" for standing next to us on our wedding day. I just came across this flask from the MoMA store, which would be a great option. A flask is definitely one of the more standard gifts but this one can also store a deck of cards inside. Unique and fun...a great solution!

Questions & Answers

This post is long overdue and seeing as how email traffic seems to be increasing, I figured I better get on with it. I love getting emails from all of you and answering your questions, so keep them coming! But to try and be as responsive as possible, I thought I would answer some of the most frequently asked questions here. I will then put this post in the "FAQ" section under the blog header and keep adding to it, so feel free to check back whenever the need strikes. And if you have a burning question that isn't addressed here feel free to either shoot me an email or leave a comment below. So, here it goes...

Now that there is a new blog, are you going to keep writing With This Ring?
Absolutely! The new blog is just a place for me to talk about things other than weddings. With This Ring isn’t going anywhere.

Are you going to share more pictures from your wedding?
Oh friends, I wouldn’t leave you hanging. The pictures I’ve shared are all I have to offer at this point - we’re still waiting for the pro pics to come back (torture, I tell you). I was just going to wait to do the wedding recap all at once but I do have pictures of a few projects that I didn’t have a chance to share before the wedding, pics from the photo booth, etc. Would you rather see all that now and the pro pics later?

How about those runners, are you planning to sell them?I am seriously so flattered that you all like the runners that much (even though I can’t take any of the credit for making them). I’ve had so many emails about them, I am kind of torn about the fairest way to go about selling them. I don’t intend to make a bunch of money from them or anything, but it would be nice to recoup some of the costs and to know that someone who really wants them would get to use them. So I’ll throw it out there to all of you - what do you think is fair? Maybe an ebay auction?

I want to make some runners of my own. Where did you get the fabric and what dimensions did you use to create them?
The fabric is called "Traditions Black" and I bought it from Warehouse Fabrics, Inc. The current link to the fabric on that site can be found here, and the last time I checked it's also sold here. There is a similar fabric called "Madison" but the pattern on that one is much smaller. If you look at the "fabric repeat" you'll notice that the Madison pattern repeats about every 3.6 inches and the Traditions pattern repeats every 12 inches. Which leads to the next point - if you look at the picture above you'll see that the pattern is centered on each of the runners, which makes each runner about 12" wide. When you order the fabric from Warehouse it comes on a big bolt, like this:It is hard to tell from this picture, but you can get three 12" runners per width of fabric. In other words, there are three whole big damask prints per width and if you make them that size you'll have some excess fabric on each side (we made these into ties for the high top tables on the patio). We were able to make 3 runners per 3 1/2 yards of fabric, meaning that we got 21 runners out of 25 yards of fabric (you can only order in whole increments). We ordered 26 yards in total, just to be safe, and had some left over for pillows. To make them look a little more "finished" we also added black bias tape to the edges. When you sew the tape on you don't have to finish the edges of the runners, you just fold the tape in half, put the edge of the runner in the middle like a sandwich, and sew it all together. Important note - I didn't actually do any of this so as much as I would like to help, I can't answer any sewing related questions! We bought the bias tape in bulk from JKM Ribbon. It is Wright's "single fold bias tape 7/8" folded width." The link to JKM should take you right to it. There are 3 yards per package and 3 packages per box (in other words, 9 yards per box) and we ordered 16 boxes. My Mom wound up having to run out and buy a few more packages of the bias tape, so you might want to get 17 boxes if you plan on making them yourself. Hopefully that covers it all....phew.

Where did you get the pearls for Lola’s collar (and what breed of dog is she)?Lola is a very mischievous miniature schnauzer and I found the pearls for her collar on ebay. They are 18mm fake pearls, so if you search ebay for "18mm pearls" you should come up with something. You can find the instructions for how to make the collar here and the revision on the clasp here.

Where did you buy the fabric for your ring bearer pillow?
I also found that fabric on ebay. It's Michael Miller avocado green damask fabric, if you search for "Michael Miller" damask fabric or "green damask fabric" you should turn up several results. The Michael Miller fabric actually comes in a bunch of cute color combinations, but the one I used is avocado.

Julianne Smith

I didn't wear one for my wedding, but had I known about these garters from Julianne Smith I might have changed my mind! It seems like most of the garters out there are so overly frilly and these are just simplistically cute.
They also make an easy way to incorporate your "something blue." In addition to the products on here site, Julianne also takes custom orders. And since you wouldn't want to actually toss your pretty garter, you get a free toss garter with every order!

The "Big" Announcement

I promised an announcement on Friday, so here it is...hold on to your seats...I've started a new blog! I will definitely still keep writing this one, but now that the wedding is over I have some other stuff to talk about (ground breaking news, I know). So if you haven't had enough of me already, scoot on over to With This Nest and check it out. Hope you enjoy it!

Monogram Labels

So cute - I love the labels with the scalloped edges! You can find them from etsy seller ladybuglabels and 112 of them are under $30. I am not sure what it is about monograms that I like so much, but I think I would monogram the dog if I could.Don't forget that you have until midnight (CST) tonight to enter the Vive Jewelry giveaway! The randomly chosen winner will be announced tomorrow morning.


I know that Wordle is nothing new to the blog world, but it hadn't occurred to me to use it this way. When I entered all the text from our wedding ceremony, this is the word cloud that was generated. You can manipulate the colors and the layout yourself, but something about the black and white really appealed to me. I am thinking it would look great in a big black frame with a white mat...such a great way to display words that mean so much. You could also easily incorporate this prior to your wedding - wouldn't it look amazing on a ceremony program?

Hey, Thanks!

I am sorry to say that I am just starting to think about writing our thank you notes. I was really good about sending notes for gifts we received before the wedding, but now it's been over a month and I am just beginning to tackle the rest of them. I know that etiquette says I still have plenty of time but I am one of those people who usually sends thank you's as soon as possible - I mailed the notes from the shower three days later!Anyway, since they are on my mind I realized I never showed them to all of you! I used the same flourish from the main portion of our invitations and they are letterpressed on flat notecards. A tip for those still ordering their stationery - it's often less expensive to request thank you notes up front if you're working with a designer or printer. There was a mistake with our first invitation order so we wound up getting our thank you notes for free. It never hurts to ask!

Don't forget that you have until Thursday to enter the Vive Jewelery giveaway. You don't have to be a bride to enter, if you're already married or not yet engaged just let us know where you did/plan to buy your jewelry!