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Guest Blogger: Gryphon Stationers

I've been a fan of Gryphon Stationers for awhile...I was actually inspired by some of their designs to create our invitation suite. So I am very excited to introduce you to our guest blogger for the day - Trina of Gryphon Stationers!

Thank you Darci for the privilege of being a guest blogger! Here are some helpful tips and advice for tackling the Invitation process so that it’s fun and creative.

The very first glimpse your guests have of your wedding will be the Save the Date or Invitation. This is the first hint at what kind of event they will be attending and therefore is one of the most important decisions to make in your wedding planning. Wouldn’t it be great for your guests to know whose wedding they are invited to by the look and feel of the invitation?

Designing your invitations
Think outside the box, literally! Go beyond the standard 5x7 invitation (no 'card') and think about different ways to package your invitations. Invitations can be packaged a variety of ways and incorporate a variety of materials. Think multiple fold-over cards, stickers, folders, ribbons, booklets, etc.

Think beyond the colors of just ecru and black, even for the most traditional occasion. we love a modern twist on the traditional. Engraving is perfect for this because you can engrave on any color stock. Why not reverse the standard of ecru and black? Try a black paper stock and pair it with white text and a metallic silver, pewter, or gold as accents. Better yet, go bold. Use a dark stock like brown, red, or eggplant and pair it with a bright color such as Kelly Green, Tiffany’s Blue or Canary Yellow.

Ordering your invitations
It important to really sit down and go through your guest list beforehand and figure out how many invitations need to go out. We have had it happen more then once when a couple orders too many invitations based on their actual head count and not the actual number needed for invitations. Take into account that a couple only requires one invitation.

Ordering extra envelopes
At Gryphon, we automatically include a few extra envelopes for every order. Reason being, whether you’re hiring a calligrapher or hand writing the addresses yourself; no one is perfect and there is bound to be a mistake. We do however, recommend ordering up to 25 extra envelopes just to be safe; this is an added expense but well worth it as it saves the heartache and stress when addressing with limited room for error.

If you are going to hire a calligrapher, we recommend speaking with them first as many calligraphers request 10% of the total for overage of envelopes. This means if you’re sending out 150 invitations, you will need 15 extra envelopes.

Have fun.

Designing your invitations is a fun process. Enjoy it!

As Graphic Designers, we wanted to develop a system where couples could take a hand at being the designer and create their own wedding invitations. We’ve created a system where you can’t go wrong! The Gryphon site offers high-quality letterpress and engraved printing, with a multitude of handsome motifs, monograms, colors and fonts to create the style that’s perfect for you, all from the comfort of your home.

If a one-of-a-kind invitation is what you’re looking for, we also offer custom services where the sky’s the limit.

Thanks, Trina! If you have any questions for her please feel free to leave a contact or shoot me an email and I'll forward it along.


Shelby said...

Amazing stuff! Quite elegant

Anonymous said...

those are all incredibly rich looking- lovely colors, great type choices, just gorgeous! I wish I could afford letterpress... :(

Wedding Invitations said...

I like the gold embroidery shield in the top right picture.

Anonymous said...

Great idea! Love seeing a creative mind work and gain success!!!!!! Hope it continues to grow!