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I Almost Missed It!

This little 'ol blog is one year old today! I had a vague recollection of starting it late in July and when I went to look there it was - July 30, 2007. It almost passed us by! ((A huge sigh of relief is heard sweeping across the country))

I'll be back tomorrow with a giveaway in honor of this momentous occasion, so stay tuned. In the meantime, if you're feeling nostalgic, you can read the first post here. Apparently it was a simpler time, back when I couldn't be bothered with things like titles. And if this news merely engulfs you with a sense of panic, such as "In the name of all things holy, this means the wedding is less than two months away" please come over to my house and help me tie ribbons.

Tana Photography

My very dear friend (and now bridesmaid) was married last September in Idaho. She was so happy with her photographer and we were all blown away by the pictures, so this post is long overdue! Nonetheless, I am very excited to give you, Tana Photography. Tana sent over these pictures for me to share with you, all of which I just love. Check out this black, white and green wedding with an apple motif:These veil shots are so amazing, and look at that bracelet the bride is wearing. I love that:
In addition to being a fantastic photographer, Tana is also great at helping brides navigate through their wedding day. In her latest blog post she gathered advice from some of her former brides, to help new brides during their planning! You can read the post here (Jenny S. would be my aforementioned dear friend). I love that a few of the answers involve hiring people that you really enjoy being around...amen to that!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and advice, Tana!

Cute Bags

A reader and fellow blogger, Becky, sent me a link to this Amazon store that has some fabulous black, white & green bags. At $90 the one pictured above is a little pricey, but they have some equally cute and less expensive items. A makeup tote:
A really cute set of cosmetic cases for only $28:
And while not at all inexpensive, I think that this rocks and would envy anyone carrying it at an airport:
Thanks for sharing, Becky!

Minted - Save the Dates

Minted is launching a new line of Save the Dates that are completely fantastic! I am always so inspired by their fresh designs and the challenges they host never cease to amaze me. But besides showing off some of the great new designs, this post also contains an offer for all of you!
From now through August 20th, use the code BLG15 to get 15% off all flat printed Save the Dates! This includes the new line and any of the designs from the first design challenge. So be sure to stop by and check out their great new offerings...

The Savvy Wedding Guide

One of my friends sent me a link to this today - has this great Savvy Wedding Guide online. This is what the first page of the guide offers up as a description:

"When you are planning your wedding, people will say you need to do many things: serve this appetizer, use this plate, order this cake, and don’t forget to register for china. Brides- and grooms-to-be are inundated by individuals whose chief desire seems to be to extract the most money out of them as possible. We talked to caterers, pastry chefs, bartenders, retail registry specialists, and other insiders to hear their tips and tricks. And we quizzed couples, recently and not-so-recently married, on what they liked about their weddings, and what they would have done differently. The result is our handbook on how to get the biggest bang for your buck on food, booze, and gifts."

I wish I had seen this while we were at the earlier stages of planning (sadly, there are no tips for what to do when your band leaves you high and dry). But there are some seriously great tips on registries, catering, and even how to write a good toast. Which, as I am sure we've all witnessed at some past wedding, can be tricky business. Besides good advice, all of the pictures associated with the guide amuse me:
Happy Weekend!

Three Potato Four

I love this store. Just saying the name makes me happy...Three Potato Four. They sell the kind of things that I can't help but love, it's truly in my genes. My Dad and I are the kind of people that can spend hours looking through things that make both my Mom and my fiance crazy. For instance, this bird really wants to come live at my house:

Just look at him with his flowers and his little friend:

And while I am at it I'll also take that green chair, thank you very much. Lest you think I am completely crazy, I should probably note here that my current fascination with bird vases is something of an avoidance technique (avoidance is one of the things I do best). As of about two weeks ago, we no longer have a band to play at the reception. The one we booked back in January decided they couldn't keep it together and broke up. It's been nothing less than a mad scramble to find a replacement and while I know it will eventually work out, it's all types of stressful! So anyhoo, thanks for indulging my bird talk in the meantime. :)

My Cousin's Wedding

Way back in January I created this inspiration board for my little cousin and now Matron of Honor. I am happy to report that she was married in May and that everything went off without a hitch (read: the fire was a small one that was extinguished quickly by the person who had just narrowly missed being arrested. I am kidding...sort of). The day was beautiful, as was the bride, and I am excited to share some of the pictures! This first collage was shot and created by their wonderful photographer, Benjamin Derkin.Ben's website is newly up and running, as is his blog. He was just the best person to be around that day - so fun and relaxed and obviously his work speaks for itself! Just click on the collage to see a closeup of the whole thing. (Yes, that's me sitting in the chair in the bottom right picture. No, I have no idea what I am doing). Here is the dress hanging next to some vintage wallpaper that I loved:And the bride being escorted down the aisle by her Mom. I can hardly look at this picture without wanting to put my head down on my desk and cry about it (in a good way):

The groom is seriously in love with all things Apple:And finally, the first dance:
I love the first dance! It's one of my favorite parts of the wedding...except that I am nervous about ours. But I'll watch other people dance all day long. There are plenty more where this came from, so if you're interested in more shots of all the details just let me know!

The Flower Girl Dresses

After some minor sizing snafus I am happy to say that the flower girl dresses are here and I've seen pictures of both the little muffins in them...they're going to be so cute! I was really hoping to find something that wasn't white or ivory, and naturally it was one of my wonderful readers who sent me the link to this dress. Thank you, Linda! The white piping is so great, but the back might be my favorite part: We wound up ordering it directly through Pears & Bears, and they could not have been easier to work with. Both of the dresses we ordered first were big so we had to return each of them. When we couldn't find one of the smaller sizes online, they quickly informed us that there was one remaining and they would hold it until we could ship the other dress back. Phew!

Shower Number Two

I had my second and final shower this weekend, and I am still getting over all the hard work and thoughtfulness that was put into all of it. There were galvanized buckets full of hydrangeas, black, white & green M&M's - it was my idea of color heaven! I never got around to taking pictures myself but I'll be sure to share the ones I receive when people start sending them my way (cough*hint*cough). So first I will show you this particular gift that had everyone at the shower in awe. It was from my very dear friend and bridesmaid who lives far, far away and understandably couldn't make it in for the shower. Instead she sent the box pictured above...even the packing was green! And it contained these adorable placemats and napkins from Anthropologie:
I am sorry to say that I didn't even know these existed until I got some of my very own! There was also this adorable wooden box, complete with my name on the outside:
And it was filled with the perfect storm of relaxation perfection. Handmade cards, a candle in a black, white & green tin, tea, chocolate, and this fantastic goodness that I also didn't know existed:
They are seriously tea bags that you put in the bath with you! I am guessing they'll be gone by the time the wedding rolls around. There was no chance I was waiting until after the wedding to start using all the goodies we got at the shower, evidenced by the fact that the placemats have already found a home on our table:
I got to bring home all of the hydrangeas, so I suppose this is a sneak peek at the decor. And yes, if you look closely, they're in a mixing bowl. Brad was in charge of bringing everything home and we found all the hydrangeas together in this bowl. The stems were cut short so he couldn't figure out how they should fit in vases, and this was how he improvised. I enjoy it too much to take them out.
I hope you all had a great weekend too!

Unique Table Numbers

This is such a great idea! Table numbers that double as small notebooks for guests to leave well wishes for the bride and groom. Not only are they cute, they come out to be about $6 per notebook and don't require much work at all. You can get the full scoop on where to buy the materials and how to make the booklets on Once Wed's blog.

A Teaser...

They should be going out at the beginning of next week, so until then this is all I can give you. Instead of using "RSVP, Reception, and Accommodations" for insert cards we used "Respond, Rejoice, and Relax." That's probably my favorite part!I worked with a local letterpress company to have them printed and it was not a good experience. I won't go into details except to say that you should save every email you send to vendors. It's helped me more than once now. But anyway, they're finally finished and I can hardly wait to get them out the door!

I Want This Chair

Badly. Since I don't have an extra grand laying around, maybe I'll register for the pillow covers. Yes, I think I will.

It's Getting Closer...

Look what is all finished and hanging in my parent's laundry room! My Mom even bought green hangers to transport them on. So excited!

The winner of the Wedding Paper Diva's contest will be announced later this morning...

Wishpot Guest Blog

The Wishpot Wedding Blog has asked me to do a monthly guest post, the first of which went up yesterday! You can go there to check out some of my favorite hostess gifts, which includes the marimekko serving tray pictured above. The trays are made of marimekko fabric pressed into plywood and right now they're all on sale!

Happy Day!

I arrived home to a package last night...our envelopes are back from the calligrapher! It hasn't been a great few weeks in terms of wedding plans, so having the envelopes in my hot little hands was better than Christmas. It pained me to blur out any of the information, so I took some pictures of our inner envelope (you need one to keep, after all!) so you can get an idea of just how beautiful they are...
Based on the glowing recommendations from Mrs. Onion, we used Michele Clark in NYC. I honestly can't say enough about her - she's so great to work with, had the envelopes back to us earlier than expected, and even blended two of her regular fonts together for us because I am an indecisive freak and couldn't pick one. We also did something a little different and opted to have Michele print the return address on the back flap of our envelopes, instead of having them letterpressed: I LOVE how they turned out! They're truly so pretty that I don't want to send them out :) Michele doesn't have a website, but you can reach her via email at calligraphybymichele (at) verizon (dot) net. She books up early, so plan to call her in advance!

Guest Blogger: Gryphon Stationers

I've been a fan of Gryphon Stationers for awhile...I was actually inspired by some of their designs to create our invitation suite. So I am very excited to introduce you to our guest blogger for the day - Trina of Gryphon Stationers!

Thank you Darci for the privilege of being a guest blogger! Here are some helpful tips and advice for tackling the Invitation process so that it’s fun and creative.

The very first glimpse your guests have of your wedding will be the Save the Date or Invitation. This is the first hint at what kind of event they will be attending and therefore is one of the most important decisions to make in your wedding planning. Wouldn’t it be great for your guests to know whose wedding they are invited to by the look and feel of the invitation?

Designing your invitations
Think outside the box, literally! Go beyond the standard 5x7 invitation (no 'card') and think about different ways to package your invitations. Invitations can be packaged a variety of ways and incorporate a variety of materials. Think multiple fold-over cards, stickers, folders, ribbons, booklets, etc.

Think beyond the colors of just ecru and black, even for the most traditional occasion. we love a modern twist on the traditional. Engraving is perfect for this because you can engrave on any color stock. Why not reverse the standard of ecru and black? Try a black paper stock and pair it with white text and a metallic silver, pewter, or gold as accents. Better yet, go bold. Use a dark stock like brown, red, or eggplant and pair it with a bright color such as Kelly Green, Tiffany’s Blue or Canary Yellow.

Ordering your invitations
It important to really sit down and go through your guest list beforehand and figure out how many invitations need to go out. We have had it happen more then once when a couple orders too many invitations based on their actual head count and not the actual number needed for invitations. Take into account that a couple only requires one invitation.

Ordering extra envelopes
At Gryphon, we automatically include a few extra envelopes for every order. Reason being, whether you’re hiring a calligrapher or hand writing the addresses yourself; no one is perfect and there is bound to be a mistake. We do however, recommend ordering up to 25 extra envelopes just to be safe; this is an added expense but well worth it as it saves the heartache and stress when addressing with limited room for error.

If you are going to hire a calligrapher, we recommend speaking with them first as many calligraphers request 10% of the total for overage of envelopes. This means if you’re sending out 150 invitations, you will need 15 extra envelopes.

Have fun.

Designing your invitations is a fun process. Enjoy it!

As Graphic Designers, we wanted to develop a system where couples could take a hand at being the designer and create their own wedding invitations. We’ve created a system where you can’t go wrong! The Gryphon site offers high-quality letterpress and engraved printing, with a multitude of handsome motifs, monograms, colors and fonts to create the style that’s perfect for you, all from the comfort of your home.

If a one-of-a-kind invitation is what you’re looking for, we also offer custom services where the sky’s the limit.

Thanks, Trina! If you have any questions for her please feel free to leave a contact or shoot me an email and I'll forward it along.

Hazelnut Photography

I am so excited about this post I can hardly stand it! I've been reading Jordana's blog ever since we realized our shared love for damask. She emailed me because she had taken a pattern similar to what we're using for the runners and turned it into a custom stamp to use on her invitations - a girl after my own heart. Jordana is a great writer and completely charming, and given my love for photography I was excited when she started to post pictures that she had taken. Clearly a natural talent, I was hooked right away. And then last week she made an announcement...she's decided to follow her passion and has started a photography business! Ladies and (maybe a few) gents, you must go check out Hazelnut Photography. All of these pictures are Jordana's work...can you even believe that she's just starting out!? I have such a soft spot for people who have the guts to follow their dreams. Jordana's passion for photography clearly shines through in these shots and I am just so excited for her. You can check out a lot more of her work at, and all of her contact information is available there as well. Congrats Jordana - I wish you all the best on your new venture!

This Way!

I can't remember where I found this picture, but I've been holding onto since this wedding planning process began almost a year a go (eek!) Getting to our ceremony could be a little confusing as the property has two entrances. It wouldn't be the end of the world if someone went the wrong way, there is a guard shack full of people to point out any and all mistakes you might make, but I think a sign could prevent those encounters. Plus, I think its cute! This seems to be the perfect job for my Dad but if you don't have someone crafty in your life to help out, have no fear. Etsy to the rescue: Seller SignsByDiane makes all sorts of cute signs that she distresses herself to get that most adorable vintage look. Both of these signs are only $30 and she is happy to take custom orders. I continue to be in awe of Etsy!

I hope everyone in the states has a wonderful fourth of July!