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More Paper Love

My friend (and bridesmaid) Jenny shares my love for all things paper, so when she was out shopping recently and discovered Denyse Schmidt products she of course shared immediately. Denyse actually specializes in making some amazing quilts but she's also translated that into selling fabric and paper products....some mix & match stationery: A journal that I love because the fabric on the outside is apparently called, "'Drunk Love in a Log Cabin."And then there is the amazing fabric! Naturally, this is one of my favorites: This week I've been considering the "easel with tacks" option for escort cards, and that fabric would be perfect for making some fabric covered tacks. Really all the fabric on the site is fabulous: Even though I don't have an immediate use for it, I am not sure I can control myself from ordering this bag of fabric scraps:Is it weird that I would gladly pay $12 for a bag of scraps? And be excited about it arriving even though I have no idea what I would do with them? Yes. Definitely.

Orange & Gray

A few weeks ago I got an email from a reader, Steffanie, who is having a July wedding in Seattle. She and her fiancé like modern design and classic touches & are planning an outdoor tented reception on the grounds of an art museum. The ceremony will also be outdoors around sunset, so she decided on orange and gray for her color palette. Steffanie asked me to attempt an inspiration board for her & this is what I came up with!

If you like gray color scheme be sure to check out the Elizabeth Anne Designs blog, as they've been posting some fabulous gray inspiration boards that are submitted by readers. I am no expert, but if you need some help with your color scheme and want me to create a board for you just send me an email! And if you have created a great inspiration board that you wouldn't mind me posting on the blog, by all means send it my way.

{First Row: Bouquet from The Knot, Chandelier from ebay, Invitation from; Second Row: Vase from, Suit from The Knot, Bridesmaids dress from jcrew; Third Row: Shoes from Zappos, Flutes from, Orange Roses from Flickr}

Love this ad from jcrew. I was going to say how much I would love a vespa to drive away on & then realized that since it involves me it wouldn't wind up being glamorous at all. My hair would be in my face and we would probably fall over, but I do love that couple on a vespa.

My New Favorite Blog

I am drooling over the blog Nordljus, written by an extremely talented chef and photographer in the UK. It's updated about once a month but the pictures and eye candy are worth the wait. I can't get over this cake:
These tarts look like they were taken right from the pages of Martha Stewart:Enjoy!

They're Finally Finished!

Our Save the Dates are finally complete & as far as I know have been received by almost everyone! So, alas, I can share all the pictures. That's all 70 of them above, waiting to be stuffed and sent. Here is a close-up: I wish that you could see the texture of the paper, it's the best part. I will try to get a better picture...I took these when I was completely sick of looking at them so I didn't put much effort into capturing the details! You can kind of see the texture on the back:
Here is the inside, before all the trimming took place. They look much better without all the black lines that blur out the details but you can get the idea! And then the back of the envelopes, stamped with my lovely customized address stamp from Expressionery. If you're going to be living in the same place after you get married I highly reccommend one, it took me about 10 minutes to stamp all of the envelopes...huge time saver!
And at last, they're all in their respective envelopes and ready to go. I don't know if I ever blogged about the stamps that I bought but I love them. I ordered them from, and they arrived two days later. I think the shipping was $1 or something minimal, much easier than fighting the lines at the post office.
I ordered the envelopes from Paper-Source, and printed everything on our trusty home printer. I can't even begin to explain how relieved I am that they're finished! The design and assembly really wasn't that bad, but the printing was a labor of love. I have a few extras so I will try to get better shots of them this weekend. Hope you all have a great one!

A Little Treat For Me

Even though my shoes are extremely comfortable, I still worry a little that by the end of such a long day I am going to want to take my heels off. I don't want to wear flip-flops with my dress, so imagine my joy when I went to in search of something else (more on that later) and found these for $20! If I need some comfy shoes to dance in, these will be making an appearance.

Viv & Ingrid

This store has some great jewelery and accessories for both the bride & bridesmaids. I've been struggling to find some unique gifts, and I like a lot of what I found here. These make-up bags are fantastic:
And I love these earrings:
I've also been struggling with what jewelery I will wear, but I really like the idea of a bracelet like this:


18K Silhouettes

I love this idea - what an amazing gift to give a loved one. Vincent Agor takes your digital photos and turns them into personalized gold pendants. You send them a profile picture and they do all the rest! The 18K pendants are around $1,200 so it would admittedly be an important purchase, but a very special one for sure.

Knock, Knock

There are double doors at the entrance of our reception tent, and this gives me an excuse to do something fun with our initials. A few weeks ago I was at JoAnn Fabrics and found these letters for $3.00/piece...score! Now the question is what exactly do I do with them...fresh flowers?
Paint and ribbon?
Tissue paper?
Or moss?

(Photos courtesy of Mrs. Pootiekins bio, Martha Stewart, BrideStarr bio, and Classic Bride respectively). The paint or tissue paper solutions would be the easiest, but the flowers and moss are by far my favorites. I think that for the flowers/moss you would need foam initials instead of wooden ones, because you would probably secure it to the foam with flower pins. Foam initials are cheap and easy enough to come by, but I don't see me really having the time to put moss or flowers on the letters that close to the wedding. So I am leaning towards paint and ribbon...what do you think?

A Damask Treat

Free damask wallpaper for your computer, in several different colors and styles. You can find it all at The Inspiration Gallery. Enjoy!

Happy Valentines Day!

(Collage courtesy of flickr)
Here's hoping you all have a great day!

I Love These Cakes

I am sure that most of you already know about the amazingly talented April Reed, but I just can't get over how much I love these cakes. I knew from the beginning that I liked very simple cakes, but the asymmetrical layers of these designs just make me stop and stare. The ivory color and green ribbon on the picture above is perfect, but I like this type of shape even more: And then I saw this picture over at Style Me Pretty:I absolutely adore this cake. B most definitely did not share in my excitement, but I might have to use my veto power on this decision. I also still can't get over the fact that those aren't real's like an edible piece of art!

Unique Floral Design

I love featuring Chicago businesses, and April Joy Events might be my new favorite. They're a full service venture and can handle everything from event consulting services to floral design. April was sweet enough to share some of her favorite pictures with us, and thought that the bouquet above would go perfectly with Molly's inspiration board. I couldn't agree more! She even sent along pictures of the boutenierre that went along with the bouquet:
April noted that the blue berries could easily be substituted for green, which I think would also be fantastic. Here are a few more of her favorites, a big thanks to April for sharing your work!
(All photos by Pen Carlson Photography)

I Am Obsessed With Paper

Really, I might need an intervention of some sort. I've always loved any kind of paper product and the wedding has just kicked the obsession into overdrive. This weekend I found Herman Yu Design and had to share...I've already bought a calendar for work but one can never have too many calendars, right? They also have some great cards:

The Little Ones

We're having two flower niece (who I am head over heels crazy about) and the daughter of close family friend's on B's side of things who we've known since she was born. The two of them together are going to be painfully cute, but I've actually been avoiding this post because finding their dresses seems quite daunting to me. The whole "mini bride" situation freaks me out. I want them to look like the adorable little girls that they are and be comfortable enough in their dresses that they can romp and dance. And, I really don't want to ask anyone to pay over $100 for a little girl's dress. I realize that most people have to end up going that route, and that it's much easier, it's just not the choice for me. I had NO idea how expensive flower girl dresses are! But in my search for alternatives I've come up with a few candidates. First up, this little pintuck number from Janie & Jack. I am not wild about the rose but I am guessing it can be removed. I picture it with a little green cardigan ($58):
And then there is this green polka dot dress from Olive Juice kids ($58). I love the collar and think it would look adorable with a white cardigan. I would be completely sold on this one, but I wish that the skirt was fuller:

And then one of my friends, who is clearly a genuis, found this at Ralph Lauren ($60). There is a child size and a toddler size up to 24 months, so there is one to fit everyone. Again, with a little white cardigan, it would be adorable.
And the one for the tiny little people:
I am still going to keep looking, but am leaning heavily towards the RL dresses. My one hesitation being that I am not totally sure they're the right shade of green. Have any of you found good alternatives to the standard white dresses?

Damask Wedding

The above picture was shot by Anna Kuperberg, but I found them because the fabulous Jessica Claire was part of the wedding party! The rest of the images are from Jessica's blog. As far as I can tell the color scheme was black, white, and pink & there were beautiful touches of damask all over the reception. My favorite part by far are the lamps:
What a great way to create a tall centerpiece without using flowers...I really love that lamp. And here is close-up of another table:
I also enjoy that the tables are all square. I still don't know if that's an option for our venue, but I am definitely going to ask when we have our tasting. You can find more pictures of this wedding on both Jessica and Anna's blogs.

Hang it Up

I absolutely love these hanging vases...if were using an indoor venue with neutral walls I would already own some. They would be such a great way to add color to a blank space, I would love to see 3-4 of them in rows on one wall. They're only $8.95 for a 45" long set of six vases, you can find them here.

Win a Wedding Cake!

Bride's is having another contest & you can bet I am entering this one! They scoured the country for the most beautiful wedding cakes, and all you have to do is go vote on one to enter. I think the one above is my favorite, but I would gladly take any of these beauties: