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I found this picture on Housemartin & had to share. These weird green things are called Osage Oranges (or Hedge Apples, according to Martha) and grow on trees in the fall. They're so strange looking but the color is amazing...they're almost cool in a weird kind of way! I did some research and it seems you can buy them at orchards pretty cheaply in the fall, as they aren't edible. There are some places you can even buy them online, and they last 2-3 months. I even found an "Ask Martha" that addresses them. I've definitely seen them around before, but never knew what they were called. These could definitely be made into unique centerpieces!

Had Enough Yet?

It seems like now that I am looking for it, black white & green things are showing up everywhere! I found Jimmy Cheng's blog yesterday when the cake below was featured on Weddingbee. I love the fabric behind those green letters! And, naturally, the cake is amazing:

Blueprint Goes Black & White

Imagine my joy when I was browsing through the new Blueprint magazine, and saw this! I love every single detail in the picture. And the best part? You can download all these patterns for free online, and you can personalize them! My favorites are the swirls:
And the Cameo Cummerbund...there are so many ways you can personalize all of these & use them on favors, placecards, etc. As an example I used the Cameo to insert dates (I did this in Illustrator but you could also use PowerPoint or Word):
If anyone wants a template, or instructions on how to do this yourself, just e-mail me!

'Tis The Season

I am all for decorations that coordinate with the season, but if you're getting married in the Fall I think it would be so cool to use white pumpkins instead of the traditional orange ones! They coordinate with everything so much easier, and I think they stand out more because they're so different. You can even get miniatures:

Merci Beaucoup!

Excuse the poorly taken pictures, but I wanted to post these! I bought a stamp in a damask fabric (yes, its borderline out of control, but it was on sale!) and I made some thank you cards out of it. We've gotten a few engagement gifts, and I thought these would be a nice card to send out. Here is a close up:

Weddings With The 'Crew

I've gotten a lot of feedback from my post on inexpensive wedding dresses (glad I could help!) so I thought I would also draw your attention to this new one from jcrew! It's only $700 & I think its so classic and beautiful. It could so easily work for an outdoor wedding, or be "dressed up" for a more formal affair. My love affair with the 'crew runs deep, and while I was looking at that dress I also found these:
They come in four different colors! So perfect for some fun shoes to wear underneath a big white dress.

Digital Fabric

Please excuse the shameless tooting of one's own horn that is about to ensue...but...I was able to take part of the damask pattern from our fabric and get it into digital format! It was really much easier than I thought, thanks to Adobe Illustrator, but I am still just so excited to have it! I don't want to go overboard with the use of the pattern but I would love to incorporate it into our stationery in subtle ways. If anyone has illustrator and wants instructions on how I did it, just let me know!

It even works with a black tablecloth!

Molly e-mailed me this afternoon and pointed out this post on Jasmine Star's blog! The runners look almost exactly like the fabric we bought & I am so excited to see something similar actually on a table. I could do without the white chair covers...I have issues with chair covers...but I love that they also incorporated some crystals. Click on the picture for a better view!

Heather Jeany

I am such a sucker for anything stationery related...can't get enough. So even though she's been featured on Decor8 and Design*Sponge, I had to post these adorable cards from Heather Jeany! All of her cards are hand printed, and so reasonably priced. I think I might have to order this "snail mail" set. I've seen several weddings with bicycle themes weaved throughout, these would be so perfect for something like that:

And she even has some holiday cards available:

Candy Apple Buffet

A great idea for a fall wedding - a candy apple buffet. I am guessing it could get a little messy, but its good in theory! This is how one couple set it can see the apples on the far left, and then there was a pot of caramel and your choice of toppings.


An awful Monday at work has left my creativity running low, but in an effort to post something decent I decided to throw this up! The picture is courtesy of Martha, naturally, and would be really easy to recreate. I love the idea of people drinking out of straws that say "Cheers!"


When done right, I think silhouettes can be so classic and simple. I've seen them used in a variety of of my favorites being these tags from Etsy:
The last week Vane over a Brooklyn Bride posted instructions for making your own silhouettes! It's incredibly simple to do in Photoshop & with the help of her directions I was able to create my own in just a few minutes. After a little sweet talking I got Brad to pose as my muse:
You can change the background to pretty much anything you want it to be. Vane used some cool patterns, so I tried out a simple green background. So fun! If any of you would like me to create your silhouette, just send me a picture of your profile in front of a white background :)

Not Sure Why, But I Think This is Cool

There is a website where you can take any picture, and turn it into a group of polariods. So you can turn the picture above into this:


Work has been getting in the way of wedding thoughts this week, which has left me scrambling to find some bouquet and other flower ideas before we go meet with the florist tomorrow! I've been looking all over for idea and trying to educate myself as much as possible, and in my hunting I came across these vases. How cool are these?? They're from the Museum of Modern Art website, and while they're a little pricey for wedding decor ($48) I still think they're fantastic. I picture them sitting on high-top tables outside during a cocktail hour.

Boutonnieres, and other words I can't spell

We're going up to Wisconsin to meet with a florist and a lighting designer this weekend, so I've been trying to gather as many pictures as possible before then. Turns out, I don't really like boutonnieres. I don't really like them at all. The majority of them just seem really awkward and cheesy to me, but somehow I feel like they're needed. Brad doesn't really like them much either, so after a lot of searching I found 5 pictures that I can live with & actually kind of like the more I look at them. The top & bottom pictures on the left side are my favorites, but I also like the ranunculus if they were white. Anyone have any thoughts? And does anyone know what those crazy curlycue things are? I love those!

Ode to Anthropologie

I went into my neighborhood Anthropologie on Friday, intending on just "looking around." Dangerous business! How is it that everytime I go in that store I find something that I can't live without? Anyway, this particular Friday I found a both a dress and a really cute shirt, neither of which are shown online because they were on sale (the dress was $40!). As I was leaving I wandered over to a table with dinnerware on sale, and saw this plate! I have no earthly idea what to do with it but I bought 4 of them because they were on sale. I figured if I don't use them at the wedding I'll just use them in our house because they're that cute! I am sure I'll find a way to incorporate them somehow...

Turq Jewelry

It's safe to say that I am kind of hard to please when it comes to jewelry, but a few days ago I came across Turq Jewelry & I love nearly everything they have! I wore something really similar to the large green beaded necklace on Saturday and got a lot of compliments. Their site is organized into categories such as "Saturday Shoe Shopping" and "Meeting His Parents," which I think is hilarious. They also seem to have a lot of pieces that are distinctly bridal...I love this one:

Down By The Lake

I was looking through some of the archives on Social Design and came across this wedding again, shot by Mel Barlow. I'll post more of the images later today, but the entire wedding was so intimate & beautiful, I am in love with it. There is a really great pier that looks a lot like this right near the ceremony site, so we're hoping to get some images like this. We've also pretty much decided to meet before the ceremony and get the pictures out of the way, so are thinking about seeing eachother for the first time in a setting just like this.

Lucky Me!

One of the people who so helpfully posted a comment about the fabric today was Lucky Me! I immediately went to the blog to check it out, and found the picture above. It truly laid all my fears to rest...I love that wedding! So thank you all so much for the input, and thanks for leading me to that picture!


The fabric for the table runners arrived yesterday, and now I am having second thoughts. I've recently been browsing through all my MS Weddings magazines, and have yet to see black & white anything. The reason I like so much of what's in those magazines is because it all looks so clean and fresh, so inviting. And now I am thinking that the black & white brocade pattern will just look so harsh...not at all fresh or inviting. On the other hand, that tent is so big and sterile looking, it definitely needs a lot of color infused within it to brighten things up. Sigh. I have to return that fabric within 30 days if I am going to do it, and I just don't know what to do! We have a green quilt on our bed right now, so I laid it on there last night and stared at it for an hour. See what you think...and please ignore the monkey who insists on being in any picture that's taken:

I love a good tease!

Jenny's amazing photographer, Tana, posted a few teaser pictures on her blog today. I actually clapped...I told Jenny that if these are the only pictures from the entire wedding I think they would suffice! The three above don't need much explanation, but the rest of them are too good to even put in a collage. Jenny & Isaiah met at a bar, while Isaiah was on a bad blind date with someone else. So after they took their formal pictures, Tana took them to the bar where they there is a picture of them minutes before they get married, sitting in the spot where they met. How incredible is that?!
The next one is priceless...two out of the three flower girls got their hands on some bubbles, and found themselves a little hideaway. I was out there during the cocktail hour and didn't even see them:
And this last one makes me teary every time I look at it. Sigh....

Altars and Arches

Since our ceremony will be in front of the lake & such pretty scenery, I don't want to do much decorating and risk taking away from our surroundings. But I do think that we need something to stand under, or near, or something to anchor the space that I suppose will be considered our altar. I love the picture above but Brad thinks that logistically the "stick altar" will be hard to assemble well enough that it will hold up. So, maybe just the flowers in buckets? I remember our friends Lindsay & John had a similar set-up though (a better one if you ask me), so I am not giving up hope just yet:

Another One Bites The Dust

Another decision made, and crossed off the list! My Mom and I looked all over for some fabric this weekend, after she oh-so-generously offered to make runners for each table. We struck out in the stores, but found the pattern above online for a great price. After all is said and done, it's going to cost about $9 per runner...better than we could have ever found in a store! Well, $9 plus some wine for the laborer :)

Bright Green & Black

This beautiful table was actually for a shower, but I love it! I am striking out all over the place trying to find black chivari chairs, so I am thinking the alternative to incorporating color is definitely the linens. I don't necessarily want quite as bright of a green, but I love the black and white runner over the green tablecloth! Do you think it would still look alright with white china instead of the black? I also really love the hydrangea centerpieces:

Perfect Pear

Even though I think the "perfect pair" thing is a little overdone, I absolutely love this wedding. They gave pears as favors and also used them as the unifying theme on their stationery, etc. The pear in the upper right corner says "Love: A fruit always in season - Mother Teresa." I also love the bride's hair...

Jenny is Married!

There are a bunch of pictures, but blogger is so slow I just uploaded the highlights. Here everyone is getting ready - she did her own make-up and it it turned out great! We also had a little champagne toast before she got into the dress:
The first two are pretty self explanatory, but the rest require some explanation. Her cake was carrot cake and red velvet - a different flavor on varying layers. I had the red velvet, and it was great! The guy in the tux is her Dad, who was so incredibly sweet and very emotional about his little girl getting married. He teared up several times, which of course made me sob each time! There were 3 flower girls, who were so adorable and SO excited to be in their pretty dresses. Before the ceremony, they all cuddled together and watched a video in the bridal suite. And the large photo is the beautiful bride taking one last look at herself before she walked down the aisle...
It's official!

Golf Course Shots

I am back! And I am alive ((barely)). Jenny's wedding was beautiful in every way, and I promise to post pictures tonight. I had a little too much fun at the reception....needless to say, I am still recovering. Until I can get her pictures posted, I thought I would post these golf pictures. Since Abbey Springs also has a golf course, and since Brad loves to golf, it might be cute to get some shots like this. I envision the golf cart with some "just married" signs hanging off the back. Cheesy? Or cute?