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Another Tent Update

Good news! I talked to someone else at Lakes Area Rental, and she told me that they have done some drapings on tent ceilings before. They actually have to rent the draping from someone else, but they hang it up themselves. They're really familiar with The Abbey Tent, and think that it can be done there. So they just have to contact the person that owns the draping, and see if they have one big enough. She said they should know something late next week - whoo! In the meantime she sent me some pictures of drapings they've done in other tents...I am SO excited...drumroll please...

There Is Hope, Yet...

A few weeks ago, one of the photographers I interviewed sent me pictures of an event he shot in the tent at The Abbey. Needless to say, the pictures made me REALLY nervous because the majority of them looked like they were shot in a shed. Here is the worst of it: The tent is a permanent structure from May - October, so the top of it is more stable than a tent with poles in the middle. However, the lighting in that picture and those metal beams on the ceiling seriously make it look like a shed. And the two tone dance floor...yikes! So I called our coordinator at The Abbey, and sent her this picture as well. She said that they have several dance floors, and that the couple for this wedding actually choose the two tone floor. She immediately noted that we want a solid colored floor, made up entirely of the darker panels. Phew. So now I am left to consider what to do with the ceiling, and how to make the entire venue look less "shed-like." I called a rental company and asked if they could drape fabric on the ceiling, and they won't do it. They told me they can hang some tulle and lights, and sent me this picture as an example: Mmmm, no. No tulle. So Brad and I were discussing it this weekend (just imagine, for a second, his enthusiasm) and I said that I've read a lot about lighting designers. You can hire them to design the lighting scheme for an event, which surprisingly enough can completely change the feel and look of a room. I was really skeptical at first, but when you figure the cost of renting fabric for the ceiling and hiring someone to hang it vs. hiring someone to configure the lighting, its much more economical and has a much greater impact. Then this morning I saw a picture on Our Wedding Plus that completely sealed the deal for me. Its a tent that looks EXACTLY like ours, where someone hired a lighting designer. I was already going to use paper lanterns, so I couldn't be more excited about this! I give you, the non-shed-like tent: Lighting designers, here I come!

Goodbye Peonies, Hello Cabbage Roses!

I just spoke to a florist who I am pretty sure I'll go with - she's incredibly nice and made some excellent suggestions. She was also the "preferred" florist recommended by The Abbey, and used the word "tater tot" in our conversation. Instant friends. Anyway, she said that unless I am prepared to pay out the nose for peonies, they're pretty much out of the question in September. Boo. But she suggested cabbage roses instead, as they have a similar large lush look to them (and she can get them in white). So I googled cabbage roses and found the picture above, which I love! Renee (the florist) said that she would get them in a few days ahead of time and nurture them to make sure they opened up to their full potential. So, I am pretty sure Renee and I have a deal.

Love in a Cellar

I found this picture on the John & Joseph Photography blog - how cool is this?! The wedding was at a vineyard, and the reception was held in one of the wine cellars. The candlelight is amazing!


Etsy is this amazing site where creative people can sell their unique creations. I was browsing around and found this adorable clutch, which is only $38! The flower can be removed entirely or switched to either side of the clutch. I am really thinking about ordering it!

Inspiration Bored

Yup, Inspiration "bored." Brad is watching football so I am doing this! A lot of the same picture you've seen, but this time with new flowers, some new green shoes, and a great picture on the top left.


I have to return a call to a florist tomorrow, so have been looking at pictures of flowers. I am pretty much decided that I want a bouquet of peonies...I am in love with how lush they always look. I am still sticking with the all white idea, maybe with a few green berries stuck in there (like one of the first ones I found). The bouquet above has both peonies and ranunculus, but I just want the peonies, like this one:

A Lobster Wedding

This was posted on A Preppy Wedding this morning, but I just had to re-post it here. I think this whole idea is amazingly creative, and I love the cake & her shoes. This collage was put together by their wedding photographer, Stacey Kane. Turns out she has a great blog as well, and the bride used to be Cinderella at Disney World! If you click on the picture you can see a bigger version.

I found more socks...

This picture was in Martha Stewart Weddings! Who can say "no" to Martha, I ask you? Maybe I'll give him some wine this weekend and gently approach the subject...

This Way to the Wedding!

Our tent will be set up towards the back of the Abbey property, so I am thinking this would be an adorable way to show people where to find it! This project has "John" written all over it.

Happy Un-Anniversary To Us

Exactly one year from this very day, we'll be getting married. I couldn't possibly be looking forward to anything more...

Shockin' Stockings

I love to browse different photographer's websites and blogs, and today I found Jessica Claire's photography. I love so many of her pictures, but this one was by far my favorite! I think I'll definitely get the boys some funky socks :)

Ceremony Decor

I've made yet another decision! As I was reading through one of the MS Weddings magazines I bought off e-bay ((shameful look)) I found this picture. I want to do minimal decorations for the ceremony since the scenery itself is so beautiful, and this is the perfect answer! Now I just have to locate some galvanized buckets for a reasonable price, so everyone keep your eyes open. I've done some searching online, and found these for $2.49 but I think they might be too small:

Then I checked Ikea, and found one that is a little bigger, but is $4.99:I think that the ones used in the picture are taller and slimmer than both of these options. I also have no idea how many I will need, but would guess around 12? What do you all think?


P.O.S.H. is a small store in the city, that doesn't sell anything mass produced. They have an "eclectic assortment" of vintage tableware, flea market finds, pretty much anything you can imagine. I never thought they would be a possible resource for my wedding, but I was there this weekend browsing away and came across a tin full of vintage stamps that are perfect for thank you cards! They could actually be used for several different types of cards, but using them for the "thank you's" is how I justified the purchase. I am thinking I can probably also find some great vases there to use at the reception, and maybe even some vintage lanterns to put outside for the cocktail hour. Here is a picture of my new stamp tin:

Let the Organizing Begin!

I am only a few months into planning, and already the amount of wedding "stuff" I've accumulated is astounding. I will admit that part of this is due to my wedding magazine addiction, but still. I've also received several great books, magazines, planners, etc. that I love and intend to use thoroughly, but seeing as we only have 800 square feet to work with all these materials needed a home. Enter, The Container Store (glowing white light, hallelujah chorus). I bought all 3 of these wonderful storage containers (which are also collapsible) there, both cute and practical. And no, they are not to grow!

Cake on the Brain

For some reason I have sweets on my mind today, which inevitably turns to thoughts of wedding cakes. The Cake Girls are a bakery in Chicago, which is run by two sisters. All of the cakes above are should check out their site, the stuff they create is amazing! Based on the cake browsing I've done today, I am sold on square layers. I absolutely love the pictures of the first two cakes - simple but pretty.

Cookie Buffet

Rebecca Thuss worked for Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia for 10 years before starting her own creative design/photography company with her husband. Since I have an obsession with MS Weddings, I was so excited when I saw Rebecca's website! There is a wealth of amazing pictures and ideas on her site, the one above being one of my favorites. I love the idea of a cookie buffet instead of individual favors, I've even seen it done where you have personalized bags/boxes people can use to take them home.

Inspiration Board, The Sequel

I added some lake images into this one, and I seriously love that white cake. Its from "Cake Girls" in Chicago, and they have another similar one with different colored flowers. So simple and pretty! And the hair is the best part...its from someone on The Knot who has completely straight hair like mine, but her hairstylist was able to do that!! So encouraging. I am torn between deep red bouquets like the one in this board & all white ones. I just really love how the red adds a rich tone to everything.


jCrew has added several items to their "final sale" and I just happened to be in the store yesterday as they were starting the markdowns. I've been eyeing this dress for awhile, and as of this week its no longer online. Long story short, I ended up on the Michigan Avenue store's "red phone" (which I like to call the bat phone) and found out that they still had 33 of them available through the catalog only. Whoo! I think this could make a really cute dress for a shower, or possibly Jenny's rehersal dinner in a few weeks :)