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Wishing Rocks

I found this idea on Savvy Design's website, and think its genius. You place river rocks on the escort cards, and each person has to pick up the stone in order to pick up their respective card. Then they make a wish on the stone, and put it into a hurricane glass that the couple will keep. Like this:
Savvy Design's website has a lot of great ideas & they also have their own line of stationery. The pictures above were taken by Chrissy Lambert Photography...check out her site too if you have time!

Night and Day

While drooling over Yvonne's website, I came across all of these pictures that show the same location/details in daylight and at night. I am a huge fan of candlelight, so I was fascinated by the difference in the appearance of everything. I am also in love with this tent...seriously, can someone get married in Hawaii?

Isn't that amazing?? Here are some centerpieces, also from Yvonne's site. The candles are just glass cylinders covered with tissue paper...I think I am going to do something really similar.

Let the Voting Begin

Although I think Kathy is the only one participating here, so the voting could be quite skewed to her views. Anyway, the bridesmaids dresses...Ali and I decided on short black ones for certain, so I found these online. We're thinking either a green sash could go around the middle, or that they could just wear chunky green necklaces. "Chunky" may not be the exact word I am looking for, so I'll find something to illustrate later. I have two favorites in this bunch of dresses - can't wait to hear what you think, Kathy!

Dress Fit Guide

Nordstrom not only has a great selection of dresses online, now they have "fit guides" where you can select your body type and they suggest dresses. Check it out, here. I did a little research for myself, and now really want all three of these dresses!

Black, White & Green

Chicago Bride's Magazine had this layout of my color scheme! I am going to use a few different shades of green, but you can get the idea. I bet those green chairs around a white table are too cute! But I digress, our chairs are white. Like this:

Both the ceremony and reception venues have these chairs. But speaking of chairs...when we went to see The Abbey for the first time, there was a wedding there that day. It was in the grand ballroom, but we went in to take a peek anyway. They had wedding coordinators, and also had a green/white theme. The tablecloths were a light green, and had huge centerpieces, but the chairs, oh the chairs! They were the brown chiavari chairs, but I know there are black ones as well. Like these:

I've yet to research how much these can be rented for in Wisconsin. I might choose to rent these over having the drapings on the ceiling of the tent. Maybe. Then again, I am still holding out hope for those lottery tickets...

And yet, more bouquets!

My fantastic sister-in-law (who clearly knows me and has good taste!) found a picture of this bouquet which I also love! We agreed on taking out the hosta leaves at the bottom, but I have to imagine that this is a lot like the bouquet posted below would look from the top. I love the combination of the white and green. Nice find, Kathy!

Another Bouquet

This is another bouquet I keep looking at - I love the mixture of white and green! The white flowers look like roses, and I know that the green ones are a type of orchid. I just wish tehre was an overhead view of it!

Michelle Rago

Michelle Rago is an event planner in NYC. If you have some time check out her website, her work is amazing! This is a bouquet she has on her site that I am in love with. I am sure someone can recreate it, I've started collecting pictures of some that I like!

More Ceremony Decor

This would be my other option for ceremony decorations. Our chairs look exactly like the white ones in the bottom left corner, so that's a pretty good idea of how the whole thing would look! I love the green flowers (hydrangeas?) on the top left. I can't decide between this idea and the shepherd hooks. I know, I know, I have months to decide but I love thinking about it!

Shepherd Hooks

While I feel like the ceremony decorations should be kept to a minimum (after all, this is where we'll be spending the least amount of time) I do want to do something. Enter - Shepherd hooks! There are so many different styles, and endless amounts of things you can hang from them. I've seen lanterns, pomeanders, flowers in buckets, etc. I love all of the options above, and also like that you only have to put them on every other row.


I am not even sure I am spelling that right, but I love them so! The best part is that they can be made with cheap flowers...they look amazing made out of carnations (yes, carnations!). Since I am considering ordering all but bouquet flowers from CostCo, I am thinking I can make myself some pomeanders for a reasonable price!

Is this overdoing the DIY? Possibly.

I love Olivia!

By way of frolic! I came across this amazing company called Olivia Luca. You can design your own dresses pick out the bodice, the skirt, the fabric, the details, the color, everything! She even has a fabric link so that you can see pictures of all of them if you don't know which fabric is what (which, I confess, I did not).

The best part is that these dresses cost around $500-$750! Clearly not being able to contain myself, I designed two different ones this morning. Such an amazing idea!

Style Me Pretty is holding an inspiration board contest. I've wanted to make my own for awhile, and seeing as how I can't pass up a good challenge, I made one! Its a collage of pictures that are currently inspiring my wedding style.

Dogs in the Wedding

Since Lola clearly is not behaved well enough to be a part of the wedding, I thought this was such a cute idea to incorporate her somehow. I might put the pictures in a frame instead of on an easel, but since we have plenty of time we can take pictures of her next to all different types of numbers & make them into table numbers!


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