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Terrain Styled Real Wedding

Anna and Chris had such a beautiful wedding, that incorporated both tuxedos and personal DIY style all in one event. Anna is a textile designer, so the couple utilized gorgeous quilts and fabrics throughout the event. The table assignments were listed on a giant framed chalkboard and a bluegrass band entertained guests during the cocktail hour. The couple utilized simple metal lanterns as centerpieces (genius) and had a local baker create pies made from family recipes. They helped develop the aesthetic and decor for the event from a designer at Terrain, which is surely why I love every bit of this wedding!

Venue: Audobon Center in Audobon, PA
Photographer: Lorraine Daley Wedding Photography
Flowers/Decorations: Matthew Muscarella, from Terrain
Brides Dress: Cymbeline Paris
Brides Shoes: BP Platinum
Bridesmaids Dresses: J Crew
Catering: Jeffrey Miller Catering
Pie: Original recipes from Anna's family, but made by Jeffrey Miller Catering


Ray said...

Beautiful work Lorraine

brit said...

Love the details. And, also love her short hair!

Emily said...

I love this wedding! What a beautiful location :)

Ireland said...

Beautiful wedding, stunning images.

kcolquitt said...

Quick question- in the shot with the "games" chalkboard, where are those little girls' outfits from?

Darci said...

kcolquitt - not sure where the little girl's outfits are from, but they look like they are two pieces. You can find similar skirts at jcrew...hope that helps!