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Real Wedding: Granville, Ohio

There is a lot to love about Monique and Tim's wedding at the Bryn Du Mansion - the gorgeous flower arrangements, the relaxed vibe, the gorgeous cake on a wood pedestal and the barefoot moments - but I have to say, their dog "Monster" completely steals the show. According to their photographer, Kevin Keefer, he was one of the best behaved dogs he's ever encountered! If you look through all the pictures you'll see him between Monique and Tim during the ceremony, sitting stoically beside them while they have their first dance and then chilling out at the reception with all the guests. So sweet!

Aside from all that, I also adore Monique's J.CREW dress...I've always thought it would make such a beautiful wedding dress and this was certainly the perfect event. Monique wore it beautifully. To complete the relaxed vibe of the evening, the couple had blankets out on the lawn, a game of crochet set up for guests and children activities like hoola hoops and coloring books. They put a lot of work into making sure their event was green by utilizing organic and recyclable items as much as possible (the wooden ceremony altar, reception tableware, decor, etc). A wedding that is easy on the environment and equally beautiful is about as good as it gets in my book.

Cake Designer: Bakery Gingham

{All Images by Kevin Keefer Photography - you can see more images from Monique & Tim's wedding on his blog}


Schnelle Couture said...

her dress is so simple but so pretty. love the wild flower bouquet too.

Shawn said...

This is just lovely. Sweet, devoted dog, too!

Jeanette said...

The most beautiful wedding ever!!!
Puppy is a keeper.