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Hi-Fi Weddings Music Mix

Do you read Hi-Fi Weddings? Ashley writes all about the music side of weddings and everything in between. If you're looking for the perfect play list for a certain portion of your day, I can guarantee she has some ideas already published on her blog! Ashley has such great style and of course, an amazing ear for music. So I am really excited to tell you that she put together a mix for all of you!

While you're busy transforming into a bride, you'll clearly be in need of some tunes to set the mood. So Ashley created a "Going to the Chapel" mix just for the occasion, that you can listen to below. Thanks, Ashley!

**If you're looking at this in a reader, click over to the site to access the player!**

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Music Playlist at


Hi-Fi Weddings said...

YAY!!! awesome! thanks again for letting me make a mix! i had so much fun! xoxo

Erin*Sparkle&Hay said...

love it! must download for my getting ready festivities!

Aine Ireland said...

Very useful, am loving this.