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Belated Congratulations!

This post is so dreadfully late, but better than late than never right? Some of my blogging friends have recently redesigned their sites and I wanted to be sure you all head over to check them out! First of all, Kelly Oshiro has launched her new site: Kelly Oshiro Design. Kelly is so sweet and such a talent - be sure to check out her amazing portfolio! {She also has a blog as well, which is a great read if you don't subscribe already}

Next up, the lovely Nole of Oh So Beautiful Paper! redesigned her fabulous blog and it is better than ever. Nole gathers so much amazing stationery and paper inspiration, you can lose hours browsing through her archives (you've been warned)!

Maddy from Inspired Bride also launched a new blog in June, that is filled with gorgeous wedding inspiration. Maddy is also unbelievably talented and creative, so you should certainly be reading her blog as well if you aren't already! And if she weren't busy enough, Maddy is also the co-founder of Nonpareil magazine, which is nothing short of amazing.

The adorable Courtney also redesigned her blog - The Merriment Blog. If you're around Richmond, Virginia Courtney is your girl for all things event related, but if you're outside the area and just looking for some wedding inspiration you should head her way as well!

And last but certainly not least, Kathryn has redesigned Snippet & Ink! Not only are her inspiration boards...well...inspirational, she has also amassed quite the collection of real weddings. Spend some time navigating around her site for sure!

Phew! I am in the midst of some talented ladies, and you all have a lot of reading to do. Happy weekend!


Maddy @ the Inspired Bride said...

You're so sweet, Darci! Thanks so much for your mention. <3

Kelly Oshiro said...

Thank you for the shout out Darci!

Genevieve said...

Those are all great sites!