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Rubber Stamp Calligraphy

Looking for a way to save a little money on calligraphy? These custom stamps from Emilie Friday are so cute and come in a variety of font styles. We used a return address stamp for our save the dates and I have to tell you, we've used it a ton since the wedding. But now I am definitely thinking about upgrading to one of these!


Anonymous said...

I have a question-

Who's return address would you suggest we use on the save the dates if we don't live together? Do we use both our names but use the brides address?

Just wondering if you have any insight on this? I love the stamp idea!

Darci said...

Good question! A lot of people use their parents address (traditionally whoever is hosting the wedding) but you can certainly use either yours or your fiance's address as well. If tradition isn't a concern I think you go with whatever is easiest for you!