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Real Wedding - Chicago, IL

This is the second Chicago wedding in one week - there is certainly some Windy City love around here lately! Jasmine and Rob's were married on Valentine's Day, and their wedding was sent over by their talented photographer, Steve Koo. The rest of their vendors are listed below, but I would be remiss if I didn't write about Jasmine's fabulous bouquet! Do you see the feathers peeking out of the bottom? So cute. And I love the bridesmaids bright flowers as well. If you're interested in seeing more photos from the wedding, head over to Steve's blog!

Venue: Renaissance Chicago O’Hare
Church: Park Ridge Presbyterian
Hair and Makeup: Crizen Hasegawa
Florist: Grace Ha Kim, Vale of Enna
DJ: Rex Balcita, MixMedia
Lighting: MDM Entertainment


Laura said...

Swoon, I love her bouquet! I so wanted white anemones for my wedding, but they weren't in season. The pops of pink are great as well for a winter wedding :)

Jillian said...

What kind of flowers do the bridesmaids have? They are a beautiful color!

Darci said...

Hi Jillian - I don't know what kind of flowers they are! I am sure you could reach out to the florist though, the link is listed above. Hope that helps!

April said...

Love her wedding gown, simply stunning and her floral bouquet is just as fabulous too. I love all the nice details in this elegant wedding, everything made a profound statement.

Anonymous said...

I love the flowers the bouquet is fabulous. I also liked the colores of the brides maids dresses. Anne