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Real Wedding - Cashmere, Washington

The gorgeous images you see in this post are courtesy of Emily Johnston Anderson, and when she sent them along she also included some information about the wedding that was too perfect not to share here (the second paragraph captures what everyone should be looking for in their wedding photographer). So I am just going to let Emily take it from here!

Stephanie & Aaron were married in the little valley town of Cashmere, Washington, a stone's throw from Wenatchee, the "Apple Capital of the World". Their reception was held at Anjou, a bakery perched at the edge of a pear orchard. The setting made for these idyllic portraits, especially down by the Wenatchee River where the groomsmen rolled up their trousers and cooled their feet for a few shots!

As a wedding documentarian, my work is simple. A couple spends months planning their celebration to be an expression of themselves and what they value. For me, photographing their wedding is about "reading" these details and understanding the clues so that I can, in turn, make images that truly reflect who they are.

For Aaron & Stephanie's reception, I knew it would be important to capture the simple joy of loved ones being together in a beautiful place. The incredible food, for instance, was a perfect way to highlight those relationships--the bakery is owned by family friends of the bride, and it seemed everyone was very personally involved in preparing and serving the food. Stephanie & Aaron are deeply caring people, and, as they're living in Chiang Mai, Thailand (where they work for NGOs), this time was especially important to them as a chance to reconnect with friends and family.

It was an incredible privilege to document the opening lines of this chapter in their life, and I can't wait to see how their story together unfolds!

Thank you so much, Emily! And for those of you that are curious, Stephanie's dress was created in custom silk, based on a jcrew design. The groomsmen's suits were also custom but the bridesmaids dresses and shoes were all purchased from jcrew!


Savoir Weddings said...

Love the silhouette photo of the bride.

The Bridal BFF said...

Wow...the shot with the groomsmen on the rocks is hot! Great wedding!