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DIY Project: Wax Decorations

This is such a creative idea from Mitsy at Artmind {via Poppytalk}. You can see all the steps right here, but essentially with some cookie cutters and melted wax, you can create different shapes fairly easily to use in a variety of ways. As soon as I saw the picture below I thought these would make a great idea for escort "cards."

If you made them a little bigger, it would be easy to affix a sticker (or piece of paper of some sort) to the front with a name and table number. Maybe if you stuck it on there before the wax completely dried? Or if you had a smaller wedding you could get a series of smaller trees (one for each table) and only add each guests name to the wax flower, so they could keep it to use as an ornament in the future. What do you think?

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Katie@Simply & Forever said...

That would be a great favor to give someone! I think you could definitely find something you could write on that you could stick in the wax before it dried.