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Giveaway Winners!

Yikes! Remember about a million years ago when there were several great giveaways happening? And then I got so caught up with other things that I forgot to announce the winners? I am so lame! Please forgive me and accept this list of winners as my penance...

The LeapYear Movie Grandprize winner is: kalliejenn81
And the THREE runners up are: Marian, Cupcake Wedding, and bioflow

The Hazel & Harlow Giveway Winner is: Sarah (commenter #12 on that post) who said, "Favorite holiday tradition? Drinking egg nog with a drop of rum, and making Christmas Eve dinner with my Dad, Step Mom, Brother and now Fiance! I can't wait."

And the winner of my giveway to you, the wreaths and the flipflops, is: Natalie (commenter #24 on that post)

Congratulations, ladies! Send me an email with your contact information and I will make sure your respective prizes are sent your way. I am thinking we need to come up with a better system for both entering and me announcing the winners, so I will put some thought into that too!

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