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Real Wedding Recap: Natalie & Luke

I've been reading Natalie's blog for a little while now, so naturally I was thrilled when she posted some of her wedding pictures. She and her husband Luke had a charming and beautiful wedding, with such a sense of intimacy. I absolutely love it when you can get such a solid sense what the couple is like through their wedding, and this is certainly one of those instances. There were numerous handmade items, including chocolate mustaches and woodblocked prints (just want to be sure you read that right - chocolate mustaches)! Natalie Jenkins is the talented photographer responsible for these lovely pictures, which you can see more of on both Natalie's blog and her flickr album. The rest of their vendors are listed below:

Wedding Ceremony: Rocheport, Missouri in the yard of White Horse Antiques
Reception: Rocheport City Hall
Catering and Wedding Cake: Uprise Bakery
Flowers: Jeremy Estes of Kent's on Broadway (except for the centerpieces)
Centerpieces: Emma O'Connell, who sells flowers at the local farmer's market


katie said...

gorgeous photos! love their environmentally themed cake! where was this wedding in rocheport?

Darci said...

Hi Katie - the ceremony was in the yard of White Horse Antiques and the reception was at Rocheport City Hall. Hope that helps!