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Real Wedding: Breckenridge, Colorado

This gorgeous Colorado wedding was shot by Jason Grubb, and since he always does such a great job of describing the day himself I will just leave it up to him. But I do have to say - that image of the bride's train on the pier? Maybe one of my all time favorites! From Jason:

Okay, so honestly, we love Kurt and Jenny. After our initial meeting at Cru, we had to keep ourselves from texting, facebooking, or calling them to tell them how awesome we though they were… basically we had to not stalk our potential clients. Turns out, the feeling was mutual- they loved us too! Yeah! (however you don’t know how serious it was- we almost recorded a video to send to them. What in the world is wrong with us?)

Kurt and Jenny decided to do a first look at Sapphire Point overlooking Lake Dillon. Snow was lightly falling, they climbed up on the ledge and we were able to capture some amazing moments! They had an 8 guest total wedding and held their ceremony in a pavilion on Lake Dillon. It was beautiful, intimate, emotional… the day turned out exactly how they envisioned it. They included us in a fantastic dinner at Spencer’s Steak and Spirits. Despite the crazy weather changes (there were many), their day was surprisingly stress-free and peaceful!

Thanks, Jason! You can see more pictures from Kurt and Jenny's wedding on his blog.

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