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Etsy RoundUp

The Etsy Handmade blog - The Storque - recently posted a roundup of some wedding items that are too good not to share again here. There is not a chance I am stylish enough to pull off some of these beautiful pieces (mainly that veil) but oh how I wish I could! You can find the beautiful Helen veil in austie's shop:

These adorable white flower bouquet earrings are made from deconstructed plastic, and can be found in raquelcastillo's shop:

Oldage is selling this vintage mini dress for only $64! Truly the perfect attire for a shower or rehearsal dinner:

I know the concept of a wedding day clutch isn't for everyone, but personally mine proved to be really useful. And the detailed silver design on this clutch from Briana Edelman Designs means you're sure to use it after the wedding is over:


Teresa said...

Ohmygoodness. That veil. Holy cow.

Wedding Dress said...

Nice design on the little purse there.