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Real Wedding - St. Thomas

Kelly and John were married in St. Thomas, a beautiful place that Emily Engle did a wonderful job of capturing! This wedding is a testament to the fact that you don't have to sacrifice an ounce of style when hosting your destination wedding - elegance and simplicity go a long way! You can see even more photos from this beautiful event on Emily's blog (in two posts, here and here). The rest of their vendors are listed below!

Cake: Cynthia Portillo Wedding Cakes (828-333-8031)
Dress - David's Bridal
Veil - JadeRose Designs
Officiant/Ceremony - Virgin Island Wedding
Rum Balls - Caribbean Rum Balls
Rings - Jim Dailing


Emily Photo said...

YAY, Kelly and John have the BEST style and St. Thomas & Havana Blue made for the perfect location to showcase that. Thanks Darci!

Ellen said...

This wedding is beautiful! I just came back from a wedding in Malaga, Spain that was amazing as well. I never thought I'd want a destination wedding, but after experiencing that one, and seeing these pics, I may rethink that!

The Wedding Contessa said...

The photo through the glass is very classy!