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Real Wedding - Chesteron, IN

Sara and Hillary were married this summer, in a beautiful handmade affair that was essentially created by family. Their wedding was so lovely - and it was also a lesson in patience (and quite the story). I work with Sara at the 'ol day job, and only a few months before their nuptials were scheduled to take place, she sent me an email that their venue was in foreclosure. You can read the entire story on her blog, Indiana Weddings, but the shortened version is that they were left trying to find a new venue and contacting all their guests to notify them of changes with only weeks left before their wedding. Stressful? Unbelievably so. But, lesson learned? The new venue worked beautifully and at the end of the day, they were husband and wife. So remember that even though things will inevitably go awry in your planning process - if, at the end of it all, you said your vows in front of your loved ones, that is all that matters! {As a side note: huge thanks to Monica of Whitebox Weddings and Liene of Blue Orchid for all their help and advice}

There are so many details in these photos that I split the day up into two posts. Don't you love the buttons? Sara made all of them herself - as well as the "button-ieres." Love it! The directional signs were made by Sara's brother, the couple's best friends made the invitations, literally all of Sara's Aunts were involved in the flower arranging (the bouquets were the only things the florist arranged, the rest were bought in bunches). The ceremony musicians were Sara's cousins and very close friends of the family. The officiant was Sara's uncle....when I said it was a family affair I wasn't kidding! All of the photos were taken by Studio This Is and the flowers were provided by Earthly Enchantments.

I think this is the best program I've seen - simple, unique and funny all at the same time:

Since both of Sara's parents walked her down the aisle, Hillary's Mom handed him Sara's bouquet so that he could give it to her as she reached the end of the aisle:


Katie said...

I can't wait to see the next pictures of this wedding. I absolutely love the program! since I haven't done mine yet, maybe I'll use this idea.

True Blind Faith said...

Adore the button-nierres! Bravo!