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Movie Set Inspiration

Over the weekend, Brad and I watched Bedtime Stories (yes, I know its technically a kids movie, but Adam Sandler makes me laugh and we were in the mood for a little low brow humor. Don't judge). The plot revolves around the Sunny Vista hotel, which was once small and simple but was turned into a much larger hotel by the new owner. I was initially sad that the small hotel was being torn down, but imagine my delight when they showed the new one - entirely decorated in black, white and green! How easily I can be won over.
There was also a banquet scene, perfect for some wedding inspiration photos. It goes to show that if you opt for a spectacular venue, you can cut back on the decor. Simple white table cloths with green centerpieces look beautiful. And I love the "N" centered on the wall, which could easily be a monogram.
There is endless inspiration in the rest of the pictures, for both your home and your wedding. I found all of them on the set decorator's website. Well done, Nancy Gilmore! Now if only someone would create a hotel like this in real life. I would be lining up at the door to stay there.


soon to be MRS. K said...

Love the pictures and colors!!!

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D. Marie said...

I was looking at these pictures and say, "Hey that looks like the hotel in "Bedtime Stores!" We watched the movie this weekend too with the kids! It was such a wonderful story! Did you see the damask pattern on the wall? I thought of all the wedding blogs I read when I saw that!