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Magnificent Milestones & Smitten Boutique

There is a completely charming boutique in Chicago that is a great place to start in your wedding planning process and is also just fun to visit, whether you're in the midst of planning or not. Smitten Boutique is full of unique gifts, custom wedding invitations, and is also the home of Magnificent Milestones (an wedding & event consulting firm). The picture above and the next two below are from Smitten Boutique - isn't it the cutest?
On the Magnificent Milestones portion of the website, you can read all about their offerings and coordination packages, as well as look at some of the beautiful events they have coordinated. I love the color palette from the event below - I am a fan of anything that involves succulents and damask.
If you're interested in stopping by the boutique and/or in market for some coordination services (or even custom invitations) the lovely ladies of Smitten Boutique and Magnificent Milestones are offering a 10% discount to With This Ring readers. That is 10% off anything, including items in the boutique and consulting services. Just mention With This Ring and take advantage!

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