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DIY Series: Invitations

First up in the DIY series - invitations. I realize that the first invitation idea is time consuming, so if you are sending out hundreds of invitations and don't have the time to sew fabric for each one, I understand. And therefore, I've created two options for incorporating the theme into the same invitation. You can download the template for the invitation right here. Recognizing that you might not have the same font that I used (bickham script) I uploaded the document in a common font that you can customize for your own needs. The document is set up so that two 5x7 invitations can be printed at a time. For the first invitation idea in this post, here are the supplies you will need:

Fabric Pouch Invitation

  • Fabric of your choosing
  • Thread to match fabric
  • Textured Paper for invitation (I bought mine from JoAnn Fabric)
  • Template for invitation
  • Buttons
  • Needle or sewing machine
Start out by printing the invitations and sizing them to whatever length and width suits your needs (I used 5x7). Then, cut a strip of fabric both wider and longer than you know it will need to be. You only need to make one template and then you can cut the rest of the fabric pouches based off of the first.
Put the invitation on the fabric and make sure there is about a 1/2" border on either side. The bottom of the pouch should come almost to the top of the invitation, so in this case it was about 6.75" long. The top of the pouch should fold down about halfway, so allot for an extra 3 inches or so above the invitation.
Make the necessary cuts along your marking lines, and then start sewing! I didn't bother flipping the fabric inside out, I just laid it out as you see below (with the bottom flap folded up so it makes the actual pouch and the top flap open) and started sewing all the way around the perimeter.
When you're finished sewing, fold the top flap over and lay your buttons on the fabric so you have an idea of where they should be sewn on. Mine are about 1.5" apart.
Sew the buttons to the top layer of the fabric, so that the invitation can still slide in. If you're making a lot of these and the sewing seems daunting, you could also use some glue dots and just glue them to the fabric. You can use glue dots for almost anything - they are to crafting what duck tape is to home improvement projects.
Once your buttons are sewn on, slip the invitation into your newly created pouch...And connect the buttons by wrapping some string between the two of them. That's it! It sounds much more complicated that it actually is, and I assure you that they are cuter in person than they are in pictures. I left the edges of the pouch raw, but you could also use some pinking shears to add more texture.
And since I realize that the fabric pouch could be quite time consuming if you have hundreds of invitations to produce, here is my alternative idea:
Thread and Buttons Invitation:
Once again, start out by printing the invitations and sizing them to whatever length and width suits your needs (I used the same invitation for this example). Put a dab of glue on the back of the invitation and place the beginning of your thread on the glue. Start wrapping the thread around the invitation lengthwise, making sure not to pull too tight or you will bend the paper. Every second wrap, string a button onto the thread. I only used two, but you could certainly use more. Once the buttons are on the thread you can reposition them as needed.

When you're finished wrapping (I wrapped the thread around four times) put another dab of glue on the back of the invitation and secure the end of the thread. I used a glue stick, which worked great and doesn't leave any visible residue or large glob of glue.
So there you have it! Two ideas for invitation using the lavender and buttons theme of Kathryn's Inspiration Board. Tomorrow's post will be about table settings and numbers - hopefully you're enjoying the series so far!


Lucky Designs said...

This is SO cute. I definitely would like to do a fabric sleeve for an event. I need to throw a party!

Jason Grubb said...

This is fantastic. Great site!

JHRME said...

I especially like the thread and button invitation. Its so...crafty!

Anonymous said...

Great idea! But how would you mail the fabric pouches?

Darci said...

I actually tested it out - the pouches still fit into envelopes. Its almost like having an inner and an outer envelops, except one is fabric.

holly p said...

These are gorgeous! If I didn't need over 200 invites, I would definitely be doing this. Also I just want to say I think your DIY series is a fantastic idea!

cathy said...

OMG...this is a great idea. I love how you wrap the the thread around the invitation with the two buttons on the front. I was looking for creative ways to make my invitations for my baby shower - my theme is going to be the "Cute as a button" theme and I think I can incorporate this idea into the invitations! Thanks!

joanne said...

Very innovative, delicate and unique. What font did you use?

Darci said...

Thanks, Joanne! The font is bickham script pro...hope that helps

Gayle said...

What a fantastic idea on how to create that soft romantic feeling in your invites. Lovely!