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DIY Series - Covered Buttons

If you have some extra fabric scraps from all your DIY projects, why not make some covered buttons? You could use them for ring bearer pillows, boutonnieres (you'll understand what I mean on Friday) or even make them into tacks and use them to pin up your escort cards onto a framed board. I got the idea for this from the ever creative Jessica at How About Orange, who made tacks with her fabric (and took much better pictures of the process!) All you will need is:

Fabric Covered Buttons

Start by tracing a quarter on onto the back of your fabric so that you have some circles you can cut out and use for the buttons. They don't have to be perfect circles (I would know, I must have slept through the day in Kindergarten where they taught us to cut).
When you have enough circles cut out, put one into the little round holder that comes with the kit.
Then place the top of the button into the hole, on top of the fabric:
Push the back onto the top (you might need to use something besides your fingers to make sure it snaps in there) and then push from the back to release your new button! Honestly, the part that takes the most time is cutting out the circles. After that you're good to go.


One Love Photo said...

It's the little touches like that, that I Love but wouldn't know how to do it on my own (without helpful blogs like this) Thanks for the DIY tip!

jen jafarzadeh said...

Love how these turned out!