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White Dresses

I had a request from lovely reader Lindsay, who is on the hunt for a white dress to wear to her upcoming bachelorette party that is taking place this spring. Additionally, Lindsay prefers that the dress be under $100 (understandably so). While I was able to find a few that are under that price point, the majority of the dresses I found are just slightly over $100 (think $120-$150 range). I am going to show them all here in case you're in the market for a similar dress, and even though I am going to show those that are over Lindsay's price point I'll offer up a suggestion. You'll also need a dress for the rehearsal dinner, so if you have to spend a little over your limit just make the dress do double duty! Put a cardigan over it and accessorize it differently to make it appropriate for both events. And if you got some of the "dressier" options, you could even change into it to leave the reception (if you're doing that sort of thing).

So - first up are the under $100 options. The dress pictured above is from Nordstrom, several of which you will see in this post are in the juniors section. But if you look at the size charts, you'll see that a lot of them correspond to "adult" sizes. The dress above is $68.00. This next one is also from the Juniors section, but is one of my favorites. It would be so fun to change into during the reception, and its only $72:
Also from Nordstrom, $68:Nordstrom again, $65:
These next few are were found on Bluefly. I am not entirely sure they would work for a bachelorette party, but if you accessorized right they might be a good fit. The first one is $78:
I really like this one, $74.99:
This one is $74.99 as well:
The next two are from jcrew, both of which I think would work not only for a bachelorette party and the rehearsal dinner but on your honeymoon as well. The first one is $98:
This one is on sale for $98. It is actually a light pewter color, which I haven't seen in person but seems like it might work from the picture:
Now we're leaving the under $100 category and getting into a slightly higher price range. But like I suggested, pick one that can do double duty. I love these first two! This one is from White House Black Market and costs $158:
And this one is from Banana Republic, at $130. They always have some great sales, so if you held out for a bit I am sure there would be a coupon:
All the rest are from Nordstrom again, at varying price ranges. The first one is $128:
This one is the most expensive, at $168:
Nordstrom again, $148:
This one is likely too sweet for a bachelorette party, but I threw it in there in case any of you are also looking for rehearsal dresses (and really, this could work as a casual wedding dress) It is $118:
And finally, this dress is $138. I think it might fit really cute when tried on:
I hope that helps, Lindsay! If any of you have some additional suggestions, throw them out in the comments. And if you ever have a question, just send me an email. I most definitely don't have all the answers but I will always try to help!


Teresa said...

Great finds! I've been looking for a rehearsal dinner dress and I adore so many of these choices! Thanks!!

Rachel said...

LOVE these dresses! Thanks for posting, I've been looking for rehearsal dinner dresses!

BEL said...

great finds!! i feel so inspired to get a dress for the dance part of the reception!

laura said...

wow this is quite a comprehensive guide on little white dresses.

The Wishful Dreamer said...

I love these dresses - especially the one with the bow and the lace flower covering!

Heather said...

Cool selection of Nordstrom white dresses!! Best for summer days!! Would like to pick last one!!

Wedding Dress said...

I like the dress in the third photo.