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Real Wedding - La Jolla, CA

Besides being amazing photographers, Nate and Jaclyn (the husband and wife team behind the image is found) just seem like extremely cool people. I am a daily reader of their blog and am so happy to feature this wedding that they shot in La Jolla!
Cash and Raven were married on the beach and released doves after the ceremony was over...
I don't even know where to start - the light is amazing, the parasols are such a great idea (and relatively inexpensive if you ordered from the right place).
The beautiful bride wore a couture dolce & gabbana gown...sigh.
This shot of the reception goes to show that there are beautiful alternatives to chiavari chairs. These are so unique and go perfectly with the decor.
The cake incorporated Cash's grandmother's cake topper.
And this is such a great idea - put down some paper, give them some crayons and let the kids go for it!
Thanks so much for sharing this wedding, Nate and Jaclyn! Check out their blog for many more amazing weddings and to see more shots from Cash and Raven's wedding.

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