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Real Wedding - Harbor Springs, MI

Anne and Blair were married in August of last year, in the lakeside town of Harbor Springs. There were some amazing DIY elements to their wedding and Anne has some great budget friendly suggestions, so we'll just get right into it! See those seersucker pants Blair is wearing above? Anne's mother and grandmother made them for all of the boys in the wedding party. They found the fabric for a great price on ebay and then went to work!The beautiful flowers? They almost didn't happen. Anne never really "clicked" with her florist, and despite considering making the bouquets herself she decided to trust the florist and go with the flow. When the bouquets arrived the day of the wedding everyone agreed that they were a disaster so the matron of honor and another bridesmaid went to a family member's garden, picked fresh flowers, and completely remade the bouquets themselves! Seriously great job ladies... The church was actually a summer only chapel so that made for some challenges in the planning process, but the cozy and intimate feel was exactly what they were hoping for. I adore this shot from the ceremony!

Come back this afternoon to see the DIY table runners, centerpieces and all of Anne's great advice for trimming your budget.

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