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Part Two: Real Wedding - Harbor Springs, MI

Welcome back! As promised, this post is full of more pictures as well as some budget friendly tips you can use in your own planning process. Anne and Blair saved money in three important places - the ceremony, flowers and overall decor. The church they chose didn't allow decorations so that was an easy slash from the budget. But in addition, they opted to simply have a trumpeter play during the ceremony (much less expensive than a quartet) and asked Blair's friends who sang in glee club to serenade their guests.
As I already mentioned, Anne's mom and grandma made all the pants for the groomsmen from fabric purchased on ebay. Since Anne chose a neutral and readily available color, the bridesmaids dresses were purchased at half price from jcrew. The boys in all of their seersucker glory:
And the coup de grace, the DIY centerpieces and table runners. Its a little hard to tell in the picture, but the runners are made of seersucker material as well and also crafted by Anne's talented mom. Anne picked up the snapdragons for the centerpieces from a local farmer's market the day before the wedding. They stripped and cut them at her grandmother's house, transported them in buckets to the club, and put them together in the basement. Aren't they beautiful?
I love a good bustle shot and this one is no exception. Anne and Blair danced to "Life is Beautiful" by Keb Mo and she shared some of her favorite lyrics, "I don't want to be without you at the party. So easily forgotten but the most important thing is that I love you, I do, and I want to spend my days and nights walking through this crazy world with you." She and Blair like the lyrics so much that they added that portion to the back of their programs.

In addition to sharing her pictures, Anne was nice enough to offer up some advice to all of you who are still planning:
My advice to brides is to go with what makes you happy, not with what The Knot or other wedding websites say you should have. We didn't have a big ballroom, tall centerpieces, a late night snack, or a candy bar and I still had tons of compliments on everything. While it's so easy to get sucked into the gorgeous weddings and think that's what a truly elegant wedding should be, ours was just as nice and perfect for the vision we had. If you truly love something (the dress, the cake, the flowers) then decide what you are willing to give up in other areas to meet your budget. We didn't have a cake because Blair and I just didn't care and didn't want to spend the money. I loved that we immediately crossed something off the to do list and off the budget! I also loved doing the flowers the day before the wedding. If you are going to do something like that, though, just make sure you have help and schedule the time accordingly. Also, ask your husband what he wants and what his ideas are. Blair and I have been to lots of weddings together so we knew a lot of what we did and didn't like. His outfit dictated the rest of our wedding, and he was the one to pick it out. I planned almost everything else around what he had chosen to wear, and it made our planning so much better because it really reflected both of us.

Thank you so much, Anne and Blair! I hope you all enjoyed the posts and have a lovely weekend. If you're interested in submitting your wedding to be featured on the blog, just shoot me an email!


AEOT said...


Thank you so much for the feature!! I love it!!


LC said...

Hey girl! Your pictures keep popping up on Michael's blog. They must be coming up! (Which is interesting because I still don't have all of mine!!!) Have you gotten a link or anything? YAY...they are coming soon!!!!

Anonymous said...

The wedding was gorgeous! All the details really came together without being too contrived. Where did you get the fabulous monogramed flip-flops?

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love the color palette :)

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Where was this reception held?