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Give Them The Old, Razzle Dazzle

Lyndsy is always such a breath of fresh air - her blog both cracks me up and inspires me all the time! She is the master at finding some great deals and had THE most amazing wedding this year. She has even offered to share some pictures once she has them all back from her equally amazing photographer - I can hardly wait! In the meantime you can check her wedding out here and enjoy her post below...

Hello With This Ring fans! I felt so honored to be included in the list of possible guest bloggers while Darci was away getting married, as she inspired many thoughts and idea for my wedding and I know for a lot of people out there.

I can spend hours on hand browsing wedding blogs, photographers’ websites and flickr photos galore containing brides on their most special day. My favorite pictures are the ones where the brides had that little special pop, or detail that caught everyone’s eyes and really captured what weddings are all about, celebrating the love and having fun!

To me the easiest way to pack a little punch that won’t distract too much, are of course the shoes! To me the brighter the better! Hidden beneath that lovely gown and shown only when the bride sees fit, colored shoes make for great pictures and the best part is that you get to wear them again and again! Below are some of my favorites that are funny, flashy and sure to be a hit.
These Christian Louboutin Rosazissimo from Net-A-Porter.Com are the epitome of bridal “something blue” and if you were ever going splurge, I say do it on your wedding day, and these shoes are definitely worth it!
If you like bows and sling backs, these Kate Spade Gali sandals from Zappos.Com are for you and are available in many colors! They still are gonna run you a little bit of pocket change but the pictures will definitely be worth it!
Everyone knows that JCrew.Com is the place to go for fabulous wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and now you can add shoes to that list as well. These Fleur Suede Peep Toe Heels are available in many colors and you could totally coordinate with your bridesmaid dresses as well. Simple, elegant and classy in everyway but still with that added little pop!

I wore bright pink Stuart Weitzman’s on my big day (see pic below), they were a big hit with the guests and they are something I can cherish every time I wear them again. They were one of my favorite little details of our wedding and when I look at the pictures, I am so glad I did it!
Cheers and Congratulations to Darci and her lucky Mr. Darci!


Abbie said...

I love the CL's. Seriously debating whether to shell out the dough for them.

My Dream Ring said...

I love Michael Kors, I'm kind of obsessed I will be buying something he has created as my shoe candy!

Blue-Eyed Bride said...

lyndsy was such a gorgeous bride!

i wore those pink stuart weitzman's to my rehearsal dinner!

Jamie said...

Cute shoes. Awesome post Lynds!