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On the off chance you haven't heard of Vané's new venture, Bklynpillow, I thought I would mention it again! Vané has access to all of these incredible fabrics and had such a response to the ring pillow she made for her own wedding, now she is making them for everyone else!

You'll notice that some of the pillows on the site don't have ribbons - that's because you can pick your own colors to match your wedding. Brilliant!

All the best wishes to Vané and Bklynpillow!

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Courtney said...

Very cute ring pillows!

I found your blog (it's darling by the way) though a google search for wedding day timeline. I really liked yours and the idea of presenting the bouquet to your sis rather than doing a traditional bouquet toss. Can you give me more details on how it went/how it's supposed to go... i.e. did the DJ announce it? Did your sis come to the dance floor or did you go find her in her seat? Was it a big public thing or a private moment for the two of yet? I'd love to know any details you care to share. Thanks so much!!!
courtneyk [at] stanfordalumni [dot] org