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The Crew

J.Crew has some new wedding things out again (or, at least, they're new to me). The detail on this metallic rose dress is gorgeous:
I could never pull this off but I can imagine there are people out there who can make it look stunning! The description calls it a "silken parfait of a dress" which for some reason makes me smile:
And although I've seen it before, I am madly in love with Lucinda. There is something about sweetheart necklines and outrageously full skirts that gets me every time.
And notice the back? A certain someone had the back of her dress changed so that it would be lined with covered buttons. I've always longed for them, and when the seamstress was actually the one to suggest it I jumped at the opportunity.
Oh how I love covered buttons.


Kelly Oshiro said...

I heart Lucinda! It even has pockets!!!

Wedding Dress said...

I like the second to last dress.