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Tana Photography

My very dear friend (and now bridesmaid) was married last September in Idaho. She was so happy with her photographer and we were all blown away by the pictures, so this post is long overdue! Nonetheless, I am very excited to give you, Tana Photography. Tana sent over these pictures for me to share with you, all of which I just love. Check out this black, white and green wedding with an apple motif:These veil shots are so amazing, and look at that bracelet the bride is wearing. I love that:
In addition to being a fantastic photographer, Tana is also great at helping brides navigate through their wedding day. In her latest blog post she gathered advice from some of her former brides, to help new brides during their planning! You can read the post here (Jenny S. would be my aforementioned dear friend). I love that a few of the answers involve hiring people that you really enjoy being around...amen to that!

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures and advice, Tana!

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Jamie said...

WOW those veil shots are unbelievable!! And I love the polka dots!