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Shower Number Two

I had my second and final shower this weekend, and I am still getting over all the hard work and thoughtfulness that was put into all of it. There were galvanized buckets full of hydrangeas, black, white & green M&M's - it was my idea of color heaven! I never got around to taking pictures myself but I'll be sure to share the ones I receive when people start sending them my way (cough*hint*cough). So first I will show you this particular gift that had everyone at the shower in awe. It was from my very dear friend and bridesmaid who lives far, far away and understandably couldn't make it in for the shower. Instead she sent the box pictured above...even the packing was green! And it contained these adorable placemats and napkins from Anthropologie:
I am sorry to say that I didn't even know these existed until I got some of my very own! There was also this adorable wooden box, complete with my name on the outside:
And it was filled with the perfect storm of relaxation perfection. Handmade cards, a candle in a black, white & green tin, tea, chocolate, and this fantastic goodness that I also didn't know existed:
They are seriously tea bags that you put in the bath with you! I am guessing they'll be gone by the time the wedding rolls around. There was no chance I was waiting until after the wedding to start using all the goodies we got at the shower, evidenced by the fact that the placemats have already found a home on our table:
I got to bring home all of the hydrangeas, so I suppose this is a sneak peek at the decor. And yes, if you look closely, they're in a mixing bowl. Brad was in charge of bringing everything home and we found all the hydrangeas together in this bowl. The stems were cut short so he couldn't figure out how they should fit in vases, and this was how he improvised. I enjoy it too much to take them out.
I hope you all had a great weekend too!


Julia said...

yay for showers! Yours looks absolutely fabulous, of course, and I love those Anthropologie settings. I love that store so much:)

Blablover5 said...

Those are some really pretty colors and it looks so elegant.

tina said...

Your shower seriously makes me green with envy! A huge part of me feels sad about not having a green wedding. I do love my fall color scheme, but green just kills me. Oh well, the fall season aside, I did choose my autumnal pattern to avoid being predictable. I have the rest of the year to bask in my green!

Your shower looks great! I can't wait to see the photos.

Wedding Favors said...

I like those tea bags.