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Make Your Own Envelope Liners

As I've previously mentioned, I am a glutton for punishment. I found this really great paper at JoAnn Fabrics and a few seconds later I found a green satin ribbon that matched it exactly. I wanted to line our invitation envelopes and use ribbon as a "belly band" for the invitations themselves, so I bought all of it on the spot. Which now means that now, I have the lovely tasks of making liners for every single one of our inner envelopes! The good news is, I cut out a template before the envelopes made their way to the calligrapher so that they can be cut and ready to go by the time they're all returned to me. Its not nearly as hard as I suspected, but I documented the process for anyone else that might need it!

It's sometimes easier to pull the envelope apart, but I tried to conserve so I measured one that was still in tact. I used a regular manila envelope to create the template, and started by cutting it so that it was 1/8 of an inch shorter than the envelope on each side:
For the top portion, I cut the manila envelope so that it was about 1/4 of an inch from the top point of the envelope. Then I put the entire square into the envelope itself:
Then I put a ruler at the top of the point and made a (clearly not so straight) line onto the template so that I had a mark for the upper most point:
Then take a ruler and make a line from the crease of the envelope to the mark you just made for the upper most center point:
Make those lines on either side and then cut off the corners...and there's your template! Honestly, making the template perfect took me the longest. From here on out is pretty straightforward.
Just put the template on your paper of choice and trace away. If you use a corner of the paper you only have to make three quick lines:
Cut the liner out along the lines you just made:
And insert into the envelope!
Now you just need to get a nice crease so that it all folds together nicely. So I just folded the envelope flap down and used a boning folder along the edge to make a crease:
Now you just take a tape roller (these things save a ton of time) and put tape on each of the edges:
Press it into the envelope flap, and viola! Once the template is finished it takes just a few minutes to make the actual liner. I traced a bunch of them at once, and then cut about 25 of them in under a half an hour.
Now I can hardly wait to get our envelopes back from the calligrapher!


Julia said...

I love them. I did this for our RD invites with pretty printed paper. I used a template like yours but I think I rushed through it a bit and settled for less than perfect results.

Veronica said...

I love the green! So beautiful! Thank you for these instructions! I have envelope liners on the brain lately and was wondering if it maybe too much trouble for our Save the Dates. You make it look easy ;o) I hope I have the same success.

Tara said...

Pretty liners!

Cutting these out will fly by- they are quick to make.

Jackie said...

Very cool!

And your ring is beautiful (based on that one view from the tracing picture)!

Lisanne said...

Paper Source has a clear plastic template set that works great, too. I love lined envelopes. That green is lovely!

Molly said...

LOVE this! Thank you for posting. And I love how the ring made an appearance!

Wedding Invitations said...

Great tutorial!