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Chicago Etsy Finds

I've been thinking about including a little something in our Out of Town bags that will give a nod to the city, even though the wedding won't be in Chicago. These luggage tags from etsy seller TagOneOn are great and you get two for $4.50. I also seriously enjoy these Chicago dog note cards from scarletbloom: And these buttons from seller citybird would even look cute pinned out the outside of the totes:
I continue to be amazed by the level of talent you can find on etsy. This amazing oil painting from printedcanvas1 is so cheerful I am thinking of buying it for myself (only $19!):


Ellen Mint said...

Oh man, I love the chicago hot dog notes.

We're gonna attempt to make a grooms cake that will be a chicago hot dog. That would look really cute next to it.

Anonymous said...

I have so many Chicago brides planning destination weddings with fun! Can't wait to pass these along--what a great find for guest goodie bags!