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A Blue Wedding

I think I've mentioned it before, but I was this close to having a nautical wedding. My love for green won out, but if I were allowed to plan two weddings the second one would be blue and white. (Fiancé faints as he reads this...I said IF!)

There is no way to say this that doesn't make me sound like a weirdo, so I'll just come out with it. This inspiration board was unsolicited. A friend of mine mentioned that one of her friends is planning a wedding on the East Coast and I immediately started rambling about lobsters and sending her links to this wedding. Turns out she wants a blue wedding, so I put together the board above. Notice that I did work in a lobster...I clearly have issues. I don't know why, but I think any wedding near a lake has to have tons of hydrangeas. I think there should be hydrangeas on absolutely anything that doesn't move. Or maybe even things that do move. Children and most animals always look better when covered in hydrangeas.

I couldn't fit it into the board, but I also thought these chip filled cones from Brides were adorable:
While I was looking for the lobster wedding on Stacey Kane's blog, I also came across this wedding. Love the suits. This will be the last post of the week for me, but I'll be back next week with some new jewelery to show you and details about our invitations. Happy Memorial Day!

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jessica lynn said...

1. Stacey Kane is one of my FAVORITES!
2. I almost died laughing when you said "Children and most animals always look better when covered in hydrangeas." hahaha.
3. I agree with that statement. ;)

-k @ Finding Calm in Chaos said...

I've found a kindred soul! While I have been married for 10 years already, I love looking at all the fantastic ideas that are out there. And, if I were to be planning a wedding today, I would have to do something green, but the blues/nautical theme would come in at a close 2nd! (I know. I'm weird. Really, I am very happily married!) And I adore hydrangeas.

And I'm so glad you introduced me to Stacy Kane. Fantastic!

Bliss Event Group said...

This is wonderful! What a perfect board!

Aricka said...

I want to know where to find the HOLDERS used for the paper cones. Any ideas?

Ten Thousand Only said...

man, i love chips. almost as much as french fries.

Darci said...

Good question, Arika! I've been hunting and will let you know if I come up with something.

stacey said...


Thank you all for your very kind words and emails you've been sending me. They make my day!

Darci...thank you for including me on your blog. It was a very nice surprise!

And now that I've spent most of the morning reading through it all it's back to editing for me!


Betsy Joy said...

For anyone who comes across this who LOVES the cone idea as much as I do... You can find anything on amazon!

Check out these perfect acrylic cone holders that hold 16 cones for under $30 :)