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Buckets of Flowers

This was my original inspiration for our altar. Turns out that none of the men in my life are interested in building me anything out of sticks. Their logic was somewhat would mostly have to be constructed on site, there would be several steps involved in making sure it wouldn't blow over, etc. In other words, they're not doing it. I really do love that we'll have the lake as our backdrop and I wanted minimal ceremony decorations for that reason alone, so it was decided that we'll still use the above picture for inspiration but just go withe the buckets of flowers instead. There will be a bench too, for the sand ceremony vases, but we'll just stand between the two buckets. Not exactly my ideal situation but it's a good compromise. We found these buckets at Lowes:

They're just the right size and can easily be spray painted:
It's hard to tell, but the paint is actually a textured finish. It looks kind of old and rustic, and almost like it has little bubbles in it.
It was hard to get a good picture because they're shiny, but you can get the idea. We're going to turn the handles to the back and fill both buckets with white flowers (not sure which kind yet).
Our florist quoted us $250/bucket for hydrangeas, so I think we're going to go another route. My Mom is going to check out some local nurseries and possibly just pot the flowers a few days in advance and transport them up to Wisconsin. If we can't find anything that way we're thinking about ordering them from an online's one of those things that will just have to wait until we get closer to the wedding. All things that can't be done in advance tend to stress me out a little, but I am working on it ;)


Bree said...

Hello, I'm new to your blog and I really enjoy it. I thought I might share something with you.
I met someone who wanted to make an arch with four post very similar to the one you have above. What we did was go out and buy 4 buckets, 4 post/sticks/branch I can't remember what they are called but they looked like long skinny birch trees.The ones used were bought at a flower market for about $8 each. Anyhow, we poured cement into the buckets and stood the sticks straight into them and let them dry. They stood straight up in the corner of a garage for a few months then when the day came they were transported to the site where the top pieces were added and secured with floral wire then raffia for a rustic look. The pots were filled with curly willow and greenery,and the weioght of the cement insured no tipping over. Oh and the day before we tacky glued salal leafs to the pots to cover them up and give a real textured look. They were simple and gorgeous.

MaryRing said...

We are doing our own flowers for our wedding...have you tried something like Whole Foods? I'm from Chicago and called the one on North Ave and they were awesome. You can order in advance. Just an FYI! :)

Anonymous said...

I hope everything works out for your wedding! Good luck :)

Silverdale florist

Kathy said...

Those flower buckets came out great, Darci! They will definitely add a nice touch to the ceremony. It stinks that none of the men in your life want to tackle the altar of sticks. I think it's a beautiful touch of simplicity and makes a "quiet" focal point for the ceremony. Maybe Bree's comment above will inspire you to give the altar more consideration, especially since you really seemed to have your heart set on it.

Danica said...

Bree's comment was exactly the way I was going to suggest doing the "arch" if you wanted to go that route. Granted, the men will still have a bit of work that day and if it's windy, I'll be's not fun, but it's worth a try.

However.....I LOVE just the classic elegance of the buckets w/ flowers. I'm a less is more person for ceremonies.

Try Trader Joes for flowers. You can usually order in advance in bulk with them. Excellent flower quality as well. Keep in mind too that if you want all white flowers to be the effect, don't spend a lot on fancy flowers. There's a version of a carnation out there (seriously, it's not bad) that would be perfect if you want this look without the huge expense. Or button mums also?

Amanda said...

I love the rustic idea...and Bree had a good idea about adding cement into the bucket. I definatly think this can be done and done well. Sometimes a girl just has to take the reins and do it herself :)