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Viv & Ingrid

This store has some great jewelery and accessories for both the bride & bridesmaids. I've been struggling to find some unique gifts, and I like a lot of what I found here. These make-up bags are fantastic:
And I love these earrings:
I've also been struggling with what jewelery I will wear, but I really like the idea of a bracelet like this:



Monica Rae said...

You would be a perfect candidate for a "favorite things" gift for your bridesmaids. My bridesmaids got "Monica's Favorite things"

-A set of RL makeup bags
-OPI Nail Polish
-Pout Lip Gloss
-Hanky Panky Thongs (they all ended up wearing them on the wedding day!)
-Arbonne Chapstick
-A "travel set" of a bunch of Arbonne products (I swear by their stuff)
-Faux pearl bracelets and necklaces to wear at the wedding.

It's good to have some sort of purse or container or makeup bag to put everything in. Just make a list of your favorite things (mine was LONG!) and pull whatever works together for a nice gift in your budget. You can throw in cheapo stuff too, like your favorite candy, pen, beverage, martini recipe, whatever. But I'll warn you, once you get going it's hard to stop! :-)

Riley said...

I'm planning on making a necklace (and, if I get really crafty, earrings too!) for my bridesmaids. I have a friend who is into jewelry design, and has agreed to help me out - I get great advice and help, she gets photos for her portfolio!!

I'm planning on making some pieces for me too!

Kathy said...

Oh my! How cute! That website has some stuff to die for! I really love Monica Rae's "favorite things" idea, too! FUN!