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25 Universal Truths about Men

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On the way to work this morning our local radio personalities were discussing this article, "25 Universal Truths about Men." They were listing off the 25 things that this person, Bob Grant, has deemed to be true about every man. I am sitting in the passenger seat thinking that some of these are ridiculous, and look over to see my loving fiance nodding along in agreement with the list. What? Really? It was an eye opening morning in our little Volkswagen. Here are some of the "truths" that evoked fervent agreement from my other half:

2. I hate arguing with you. I’d much rather find a compromise.

8. I don’t read minds. Remember, I’m not a girl.

11. I hate being told what to do when I don’t ask for help. It makes me feel like you’re my mother.

13. Being respected is more important to me than being loved.

15. When I’m upset, I am very tone sensitive. How you say it is more important than what you say.

16. I hate it when you minimize/ignore my compliments. It makes me want to stop giving them.

18. I don’t always know how I feel. That’s why I don’t tell you.

19. If I do one thing and say something contradictory, go with my actions—that will always tell you what’s in my heart.

21. If I don’t share what I’m thinking it’s because I don’t think you will listen without interrupting.

I'll admit that I am one to brush off compliments (really? I think I look terrible in these pants) and can definitely be on the bossy side, so I can't say that all of these were shocking. But I am glad that he didn't agree with the list in it's entirety (number 1 is a little disturbing). You can read the entire article here. What do you think? Accurate list? Have you ever had any "eye opening" conversations that gave you insights into your significant other?


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...I actually sent the whole article to my fiance to see if he agreed or not. I, myself, would tend to think that most of them are very true, and not just for the guys. I was agreeing with most of the items for MYSELF, as I think it might also have to do with the person's base personality, not just being a "guy" thing. My fiance and I have been having a LOT of in-depth conversations lately...not the most comfortable thing, but definitely important before we say "I do." There are so many EXPECTATIONS out there of what it means to be "married" that we want to make sure that our own thoughts/feelings/desires are being met, and that it's not for the "others"... We want to make sure that we are TOGETHER when we take the leap.

Julia Goolia said...

Guys are so much weirder than we are. It sucks that WE get the bad rep for being difficult to understand, huh? :) Great post.

Darci said...

I completely agree with you about the "expectations," Chel. The in-depth conversations aren't the most comfortable things in the world for sure, but so much better to have them now then after you're married. Thanks for the great comment!!

tina said...

Hi Darci:

I've really enjoyed your blog. I'm also a soon-to-be Chicago bride. I've started a new blog this week. Please drop by when you have a few minutes!

Good luck with the rest of your planning,


Anonymous said...

Hi Darci!

Haven't heard from you in a while!

This is a great post. Like your fiance, my husband didn't agree with all of the 25 "universal" truths but he found many of them valid. I found this great blog, It has a lot of great relationship stuff. Especially how to get along with men and how they think different than us.

Hope your wedding plans are going smooth!