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Back in the Windy City!

We're back from California, and as expected Becky's wedding was beautiful! I'll post some of what I took now, but I apologize in advance for my poor photography skills. I will be sure to share more when the pro pics come in! The pictures above and below are from the outside and inside of the church, respectively. It was by far one of the coolest churches I've ever was in the round so that everyone had a fantastic view of the bride & groom, and the inside was almost completely natural wood.
The reception was actually on a local naval base, which is in a beautiful harbor in San Diego. There was a huge balcony right on the bay, and the view was gorgeous! Becky used postcards as her table numbers, with cities they've lived in or visited printed on the back:
And finally, the cake! You can't see in them here, but there were pictures of both their parents cutting their wedding cake sitting next to theirs. Love that idea!

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Julia said...

Looks lovely! I was in Chicago this weekend and forgot how much I love your city. And also, I have a blog myself these days, if you want to check it out: It probably won't have wedding inspiration for you anymore, but you never know. I've been checking yours often, it's on my list of faves (even though my wedding is WAY over).