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A Possibility...

Last night I started looking for pictures I've taken of Lake Geneva, and found this one. Definite potential, but it needs some work to be turned into a postcard. So first, I removed the pier on the left and all the random buoys:

Then I decided that if the majority of the text would be on the top, there would need to be more sky and less lake. And that the clouds probably had to go in favor of a solid colored sky:

Then all it would need is some colored text slapped on there with a flourish or two. I got tired, so this was the end of it all for the night but I plan to finish it up later! What do you all think? Good start, or doesn't seem like it could work?

I also thought of combining the two ideas I posted about yesterday and making the picture black & white with some green text over it. Or, I also found this picture, which is one of my favorite spots right next to where the ceremony will be. There could be lots of potential with this one, but it doesn't really say "lake wedding."

Save The Date!

It's about time to start creating our Save the Date's...I want to get them out early since it's sort of a destination wedding. I originally thought that I wanted to do something fun and sort of cheesy, like the photo strips where the couple is holding signs that say "Save...The...Date." Then I saw Miss Licorice's post on Weddingbee about the CECI New York postcards pictured above. Clearly I love the green, but I also love the look of a graphic on a photograph. Unique and yet still classy. But alas, we aren't getting married in a castle & while I know that I could easily create a similar motif with a photo of Lake Geneva, I just don't see it having the same effect. Then, I saw these (also from CECI, located here): I love it! It's so well done but still seems to depict a really fun event, one I would definitely want to be invited to. Even better, the inside allows for a lot of space to list information about hotel rooms, flights, etc. Since 99% of our guests live outside of the state, that would be really handy:
I like that it seems vacation-esque without having pictures of flip-flops and sail boats. I know that I have some good pictures of Lake Geneva at home, so hopefully I'll have some time this weekend to try and create something. What do you think? Is it still sort-of cheesy?

Our Thanksgiving

As I mentioned before, we were in South Carolina for Thanksgiving this year. You can see from the picture above the views and the weather were beautiful! And not only did I get to spend a bunch of time with my new niece and family, I also picked up my wedding dress! I was actually a little anxious to see it's such a significant purchase and I only tried it on one time...what if it wasn't as great as I thought it was the first time? What if I was just in a really good mood and wound up picking something that I'll regret later? Yes, I am slightly crazy. And yes, I loved the dress just as much as I did the first time, if not more because it actually fit me! Since I still don't want to show the dress for fear of groom lurking, I took some other pictures of the day to share. Here is the entrance to the adorable Wedding Inspirations:

And here is where we ate after picking up the dress...the same place we ate the day that I found it! It's a little cafe that's part of the Grove Park Inn, and if you're ever in Asheville and you don't drive directly there to eat you're crazy. They serve nothing but made-from-scratch southern food, things like fried green tomatoes and okra. I highly recommend the fried green tomatoes:

The dress spent the rest of the week hanging in my parents bedroom at the townhouse (in addition to a few hours being tried on by me over and over again), and they took it home with them so I won't be tempted to wear it around the house and out to dinner. I've still got a bunch of time before I need to start fittings, so I suppose it will have to live at their house until then.

Buff Brides Challenge

I was out to lunch with a friend of mine this afternoon, who is also getting married next year. We were discussing how it's about time to get serious about exercising if we want our arms to look oh-so-fantastic in those dresses! I remembered reading something about the Buff Brides Fitness Challenge, so I decided to look into it. The challenge is 12 weeks, all laid out for you by Weight Watchers. You can go to their site and print out each week's schedule here. We're going to start week 1 after Christmas...are any of you on weight loss plans for the wedding? If so, how's it going?

My Windy City

I love that we're getting married on a lake, I really do. But there are days that I am a little bummed we won't have any wedding pictures in our favorite windy city! So I suppose I'll just have to continue drooling over other people's fantastic Chicago wedding pictures. All of these pics are from Gerber + Scarpelli and Associates Photography, but also be sure to check out the Chitown Bride blog. She gave a shout-out to some Chicago bloggers this week!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sorry for the light postings lately, I am in South Carolina with my family to celebrate the holiday (and to pick up my wedding dress, yay!) I found this fall inspired board today on Valls Photographic blog and thought it was lovely. It seems so warm to me, and perfect for a wedding around Thanksgiving. I'll be back in full blogging swing next week, but until then Happy Thanksgiving!

Inspiration Boards

A little while ago I got an e-mail from Christine in Canada, and we started chatting via e-mail. She had recently created the inspiration board above and was kind enough to share it with me! Isn't it wonderful? She's planning a black, ivory, and green wedding with punches of red. I am in love with the tea length black bridesmaids dresses with white bouquets...I've been pushing for my girls to get a very similar dress from jcrew & they'll be carrying white flowers for sure. Thanks for sharing, Christine!

A Green Wedding, in More Ways than One

I love this wedding on Brides! It's "green" as in eco-friendly, as well as green in color. The glassware used on the table is recycled, and the ties on the napkins are actually leaves. Follow the link to see more pictures and read more about it. How fantastic is that bouquet? Its made out of lotus blossoms! Those look a lot like peonies to me...I wonder how hard it would be to get those?

Happy Day!

My dress is in!!! I don't think I've told the story of the dress yet on the blog, so here goes. Five days after Brad popped the question, my adorable niece made her grand entrance (first niece, first grandchild, you can imagine the fanfare). Since my brother and sister-in-law live in South Carolina, I flew out there a few days later to meet the new addition to our family. I was telling one of my friends about the trip, and she said that while I was there I should go visit this bridal boutique in Asheville, NC called Wedding Inspirations.

So a few days later my Mom, Grandma, my Mom's best friend and I made our way to Asheville. Just imagine my delight when we pulled up to the little shop pictured above! Its truly the most adorable boutique on earth,complete with white picket fence, and the people who work there all have sweet southern accents. All the dresses are out for you to browse through, which I consider to be a huge bonus because I strongly disliked my experiences at the more "high-end" places where they just bring you dresses they think you'll like. When you walk in they give you ribbons, which you tie onto the dresses you like & then they magically make their way into a dressing room. We had to ask for more ribbons twice.

Prior to coming to Asheville I had been to 3 other places trying on dresses, but didn't have any luck. I tried on about 10 dresses that day & the 5th one was "The One!" We ordered it right away and I got a call last week that it has arrived...this is important because we're going to be back in SC for Thanksgiving! So on Tuesday I get to go try on and pick up my dress. If Brad weren't going to be there I would probably wear it to Thanksgiving dinner. Since he reads this blog on occasion I don't want to post pictures of it, so instead I'll post some more of the interior of the boutique. Enjoy!

My Damask Lovin' Friends...

...a little gift for you! If I were getting married in California, I would no doubt recruit Jose Villa to be my photographer. If you haven't seen his work stop reading this post and go check him out immediately. Yes, go right now.

Wonderful, right? I was browsing through his blog tonight and that's where I found this fantastic damask wedding. It took place in Italy, of all places! If you do go look at the blog you'll also find a Super 8 video of the wedding. How lucky can one girl be?

The Bees Knees

When I posted about the lights this morning, I kept thinking about how cute the bee lights were that are also on sale at Smith & Hawken (top left). And then I was thinking a summer wedding with a bee theme & how you could make it very "Martha-ish." So just in case anyone loves them some bees, here are a few pictures. The letterpress is from Pearl & Marmalade (I love that name & every single thing they sell), the beehive cake is from Williams-Sonoma (it's actually a mold in which you can make your own) and the honey jar favors are from MS Weddings. My friend Jenny didn't have a bee-themed wedding, but she did use honey jars as favors....from her own family's honey:

Smith & Hawken - Sale!

The wonderful blogger behind Perfectbound pointed out that Smith & Hawken is having a sale on string lights! I am really tempted to buy some of the cafe lights pictured above. I think they would look great strung over the patio that's right outside of our tent:
There are going to be some high-top tables out there, so I think the lights would really give it a "cafe" feel. Besides the cafe lights, there are a bunch of other great string lights on sale. For a winter wedding, these would be fantastic:

Or even this great lighted garland:

Tents and Tables

I still have some anxiety about our tent looking "sterile" so when I see pictures like this I am so encouraged! I can't remember where I found this one, but I really like it - mostly because the top of this tent also has those awful beams, and the lanterns really do seem to cover them up (or at the very least distract from them). I could do without the palms lining the sides of the tent, but I love the green and white!

Feeling Like Fall

It's a perfect fall day here in Chicago, I swear I even smelled burning leaves on the way to work this morning. Or were they burning tires? Either way, a girl can dream. The weather made me think of this wedding I saw awhile ago on the Valls Photographic blog (Theresa & John are amazing, check them out if you haven't already!) so I thought today would be a good one for some fall inspiration. There are so many fantastic things about this wedding - her dress, the flowers, I love that the bridesmaids dresses aren't exactly alike but all in such a deep shade of red. Pictures like the one in the middle make me want to get a long veil, and I think my favorite part of it all are those lights on the bottom right!

More Cake for your Monday

My sister-in-law attended a friend's wedding in Florida a few weeks ago, and just sent some pictures of the black, white & green cake! Every time I am sure I want square layers I see a picture like this that makes me reconsider. Either way, I love the black ribbon with the green accents. Thanks for passing this along, Kathy!

Back in the Windy City!

We're back from California, and as expected Becky's wedding was beautiful! I'll post some of what I took now, but I apologize in advance for my poor photography skills. I will be sure to share more when the pro pics come in! The pictures above and below are from the outside and inside of the church, respectively. It was by far one of the coolest churches I've ever was in the round so that everyone had a fantastic view of the bride & groom, and the inside was almost completely natural wood.
The reception was actually on a local naval base, which is in a beautiful harbor in San Diego. There was a huge balcony right on the bay, and the view was gorgeous! Becky used postcards as her table numbers, with cities they've lived in or visited printed on the back:
And finally, the cake! You can't see in them here, but there were pictures of both their parents cutting their wedding cake sitting next to theirs. Love that idea!

California Dreamin'

We're off to California for one of my wonderful friend's wedding! I'll be sure to take a ton of pictures and share them when I get back. Have a good week!

Green Foods...Yum!

We'll most likely have a cake instead of a cupcake stand, but these green iced cupcakes look so delicious I had to post them! I think they would be such a great way to incorporate the color if you didn't want to have a cake...notice the darker shade of green ribbon tied around the base. I also really love these green gumballs, with the black & white labels:

Some Hedge Apples of My Own

My Mom was right, this weekend she led me to a spot near my parent's house (above) that was littered with hedge apples! If you look closely at the ground you can see them. We picked up a few & took them home to experiment a little with arrangements. They are really cool, and a great shade of green! Here is a close-up:

Green, Black & White Paisley Cake

I still think my favorite cake are green & white ones on the black pedestals posted here, but I like the paisley design on this one. Hope everyone has a good weekend!

Small World!

MissJordyPants just commented about my "Digital Fabric" post, saying that she did the exact same thing! Her fabric was brown, but she used the design on the fabric to create a jpeg & then went a step further and had a custom stamp made out of it (above)! I was almost clapping at my desk I was so excited. She used the stamp to emboss the design on the belly band of their invitations, like this:
Bravo, Jordy! I of course went to her blog and also found a picture of how the design looked on the belly band. Nice work!

Groom's Cakes

Whenever I think about Groom's cakes I immediately think of that hilarious scene from Steel Magnolias where Shirley MacLaine serves Tom Skerritt the butt of that hideously funny armadillo cake. I know that having a groom's cake isn't exactly necessary, but the previous post about golf got me thinking about them & basically I just think it would be really fun to have one! It seems that most "golf cakes" are done of golf bags like the ones above. But I also found a funky one:
And one, which is my personal favorite, that looks like a golf ball: