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I love a good tease!

Jenny's amazing photographer, Tana, posted a few teaser pictures on her blog today. I actually clapped...I told Jenny that if these are the only pictures from the entire wedding I think they would suffice! The three above don't need much explanation, but the rest of them are too good to even put in a collage. Jenny & Isaiah met at a bar, while Isaiah was on a bad blind date with someone else. So after they took their formal pictures, Tana took them to the bar where they there is a picture of them minutes before they get married, sitting in the spot where they met. How incredible is that?!
The next one is priceless...two out of the three flower girls got their hands on some bubbles, and found themselves a little hideaway. I was out there during the cocktail hour and didn't even see them:
And this last one makes me teary every time I look at it. Sigh....


boise.jenny said...

Oh! I can't even believe it happened! I love all of the pictures and will let you know as soon as the others are up (this time with a phone call). It's a good thing my photographer didn't give you her phone number. BTW - What did Brad say about your DJ Marty story?

Kris said...

Hello Darci!
Your comentary with these pictures says it perfectly! I loved meeting you and look forward to your future Boise visits!
Enjoy planning your wedding! It's such a special time.:)
Isaiah's mom

Judith said...

Great pictures! Jenny looks beautiful!