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Ceremony Decor

I've made yet another decision! As I was reading through one of the MS Weddings magazines I bought off e-bay ((shameful look)) I found this picture. I want to do minimal decorations for the ceremony since the scenery itself is so beautiful, and this is the perfect answer! Now I just have to locate some galvanized buckets for a reasonable price, so everyone keep your eyes open. I've done some searching online, and found these for $2.49 but I think they might be too small:

Then I checked Ikea, and found one that is a little bigger, but is $4.99:I think that the ones used in the picture are taller and slimmer than both of these options. I also have no idea how many I will need, but would guess around 12? What do you all think?

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Sil said...


I'm having the same problem, but I guess the pew cones are a good solution ;)