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I always try to ensure that the images used on the blog are properly credited to the appropriate sources. All images are the property of their respective owners and are used here under the Fair Use doctrine of US Copyright Law. If for any reason you would not like your images to appear on the blog, please simply send me an email and I will remove them promptly.

I reserve the right to reject and/or remove any and all photos or blog posts at my discretion. Editorial content can be adjusted or removed based on my own discretion as well.

While some posts are written with the intent to welcome new advertisers to the blog, they are clearly marked as being "Sponsor Spotlight" posts and serve no purpose other than alerting readers to new sponsors (these are not paid posts, but are a part of the paid advertising spaces on the left side of the blog). I don't take any editorial direction from sponsors or advertisers and can assure that all opinions given are my own. While I often write about products and services, I do not accept compensation for individual posts.

I always love to hear from you! However, please make an effort to be polite when expressing your opinions in the comment section of the blog. Comments are subject to approval and any that are deemed offensive or inappropriate, at my discretion, will be removed. Any comments that are determined to be spam will also be removed. Comments posted on the blog do not necessarily represent my views or reflect on With This Ring Weddings, and are the responsibility of their respective authors.

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